"One true Love"
A story for those couples less wantd in the world

I kissed her on the forehead, my hands running through her curly, blond hair.
"Don't worry, we'll get through this and end up together. If we don't end up together, remember that I will always love you." I tried calming her tears, I loved her so much I didn't want to see her like this. Although I didn't want to admit it, her fear was mutual with in my heart as well. I had to be strong for her, I couldn't show my human weakness, not now not ever I just had to be there for my one true love.
The worst fear any couple could have is to be torn apart, forced from each others arms. Knowing that that one person you held so dear is far away and you'd never see her again. That fear was our fear, our family wasn't accepting of our relationship. They didn't understand how two people, of the same gender could fall deeply and madly in love. They hated the Idea from the first time they realized we were more then just friends. One day we just couldn't take the sneaking around at night, the lies, the trips to little out of town cafe's just to get some privacy. We sat our parents down and told them that we were in love and nothing or no one could stop us from being together. After we told them, we knew we made a big mistake, form then on we heard nothing more then whispers when our backs were turned. After awhile the whispers and looks went away, and then came back with a bang. My parents planned on sending me to a boarding school, I couldn't do anything about it I was only 16 and still in the full custody of them.
Once Mable, my beautiful Mabel found out nothing in the world could have stopped her from coming to see me! Around 1 O'clock in the morning she snuck up into my bedroom window, like so many times before. I could see she had been crying, her eyes were blood red and tears were still rolling down her face. I got up out of bed and went to calm her down, my heart broke seeing her crying as much a s she was.
"I know you'll always love me, but I want to be with you when you love me. None of this lets just be friends, or 'long distance relationship' Bull shit. I WANT TO BE WITH YOU, I love you with all my heart." She screamed with terror in her eyes.
" I have an idea," I blurted out. "We could run away just u, me, the moon and the sun. No boarding schools or parents, no more whispers or dirty looks, we could be happy." My hand was pressed to her cheek, caressing her soft skin. She placed her hand on top of mine, looked deep into my eyes. "I would love to runaway with you, and be yours for all eternity."
I starred in to her eyes, and say something, that was missing for the longest time, hope. I knew in my heart we'd be okay, nothing could change this feeling, this moment with my one true love. I gently kissed her lip, mmmmm they were always so warm and full. "Never leave me," I whispered in her ear, I took her hands and led her to come sit next to me on the four post bed.
"I promise to never leave you, to never abuse and your trust, I am yours forever." she reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a tiny heart locket, with a beaded chain. "This is yours, I bought it for you to wear," Mable put the necklace on me and placed the heart locket to my chest. "My heart upon yours," she spoke in a low voice. I couldn't do anything but stare into my beautiful lovers eyes, I kissed her lips again. Once i pulled back she pulled in, kissing me passionately, not letting go.
I still remember that kiss, that moment everything in it, the touches, the smell, what we both were feeling, the passion. How could I ever forget anything about the moment, the first time we ever made love.

Laying there, on our sides facing each other, lovingly stroking each other softly and gently. Of course I was the first one to kiss her, "I love you." I smiled at her in the way I always have. "I say that to much don't I?"
"You could never say that enough sweety, I love you more." she poked me in the nose, I love it when she does that. "Do you suppose we should start packing and making a run for it?" Mable suggested, I gave her a joking disappointed look. "But that would involve cloths, and movement." I whined.
"well," she took her finger and lightly dragged it across my arm. "the sooner we get to ...where ever we are going, the sooner we can get undressed. We can stay that way forever." I smiled once more at her, kissed her on the forehead and got up out of bed searching for my cloths. Unfortunately he got dressed, and packed ready to get our life started.
"Are you ready my sweet Mable?" I looked over to her, she was gorgeous once more, with the blonde curls falling over her face, she was nothing less then perfect. I ran over to her, grabbed her arm and ran towards the window. "Here it is, our freedom a new life awaits us out there" I pointed out into the hillside just out of our small little town. "Are you ready to leap?" I asked her with excitement building up, all she did was smile and wink at me and I knew. I crawled out of the window first, to make sure she wouldn't fall! She crawled out next, and of course just threw our bags down to the ground. I made it down to the ground, and helped her the rest of the way. I went to run of as I suppose she would but she just grabbed my arm and pulled me closer her to her body.
"Are you sure you want to do this, leave all our friends and family?" she asked me
"I am as sure as I am about loving you, I need some freedom from this place these people. The only person I don't want freedom from is you!" She smiled, took my hand, and we walked towards the grassy hill that lay before us.