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The Faceless God

Book Two

Summary of Book One

In Book One, the reader is introduced to the two kingdoms of Senkyou and Karun, which have held a hatred for each other for over millennia. Within these two kingdoms a prophecy is revealed that the world the people of these two kingdoms know would change radically with the coming of a messiah.

The Oracle Kagami tells the prophecy as thus: 'A daughter of Senkyou will be born, and this daughter will usurp the power of Youren and become the leader of men, the new power of Senkyou and of the Heavens. She will bring glory to the kingdom of Senkyou and defeat all her enemies. She will become the new Goddess of men and the Old Ways will be resurrected in her name.'

This prophecy instills fear in the leaders of the two kingdoms and forces them to take action. Book One takes place in Senkyou, where the one of prophecy is born.

In the Part One, The Shogun, the reader is introduced to the protagonist Sauri Wei, and her family living in the Byakko Province. Several years before, Sauri had lost her sister to unknown circumstances involving the Shogun and the Prince of Genbu named Shion. Urano Wei, Sauri's half sister was betrothed to the Prince and by some accident lost her life.

At the age of seventeen, Sauri is also called to the palace of the Shogun in Shufu the capital city of Senkyou. Under the pretenses of engagement due to the Shogun's favor for the Wei family, Sauri is taken to Shufu to await her marriage to a Prince she had never met.

Sauri is given a bodyguard during her travel to Shufu and during her stay in the palace. This bodyguard's name is Yaro, a Mesuro woman from the province of Genbu. While in the palace Sauri finds however, that she had been deceived and told half truths.

She learns of the circumstance of her sister's death, the prophecy, her role in the prophecy and that her loyal and stern bodyguard was hiding a strange secret. Sauri's world is turned upside down when she is attacked by a Karun assassin and begins to realize that she truly is the one of Kagami's prophecy.

While Sauri recuperates in the Shogun's palace, the Karun invades Byakko. Sauri, desperate to help her father, the governor of the province, escapes from Shufu only to find that her home and family have been torn apart. Her only full brother is killed in the battle with the Karun as well as her father. Sauri's half brother, Turoh is missing and the Byakko Village is forced to escape to the north.

Sauri travels to Suzaku in the south, searching for her brother while Yaro tracks her, a day behind. Sauri searches for Turoh as well as a man called the Black Prince of Suzaku to ask for aid against the Karun invasion.

In Part Two, Suzaku, Sauri travels under the guise of a young man to avoid any conflicts with strangers. She also carried her mother's sword Shinoukon for protection.

Into Suzaku Sauri becomes lost and collapses from heat exhaustion. On the verge of death Sauri has a vision of her mother who tells her to be cautious and trust the Oracle of Suzaku, a woman named Lady Nataku.

Sauri is saved from the desert by a mysterious man who is later learned to be the Black Prince of Suzaku, Nataku. She is allowed to rest and heal in the depths of the Red Mountains. Yaro also arrives in Suzaku to meet with a friend, the Black Prince of Suzaku.

During the meeting with Lady Nataku, Sauri learns of her role in the prophecy and who her allies will be during her journeys. She also has another vision where it is confirmed that she is the messiah that the Southern Tribes call Shekina. Sauri undergoes a transformation where her eyes become like those of an inhuman creature. This is the first of several transformations.

Sauri then travels toward Seiryu, in search of her brother and another one of her allies. She finds Turoh at a gateway village and reveals herself to him as Shekina.

In Part Three, Seiryu, Sauri travels to the homeland of the Tribe of Shadow to seek her final guardian. There she finds out more truths involving her role as Shekina and receives another vision, transforming her body into something no longer human.

At this time, the Karun Army has infiltrated Seiryu and appears to be waiting for the order to attack Shufu and the Shogun. Sauri takes up the role of rebel with her allies and fights the Karun back to the border. In battle Sauri begins to question herself and her abilities.

In the last battle, Sauri falls into an enchanted slumber and becomes vulnerable. Yaro is appointed the task of taking Sauri into Genbu where she can be safe. The guardians agree that her time of awakening was too rushed and that she would be safer away from battle in Genbu.

In Part Four, Genbu, Yaro travels with the incapacitated Sauri. All the while Sauri has a dream of an ideal world where her family is complete. She dreams of her guardians and Yaro in particular. In her dream, Sauri realizes her growing love for Yaro.

Yaro takes Sauri to the protected lands of the Mesuro tribe called Asgard. There Yaro seeks sanctuary with the Mesuro people. Yaro awaits Sauri's awakening and hopes that she will soon fulfill her role in destiny and ease Yaro's heart.

At the end of Book One, the final stage of Sauri's transformation occurs. Sauri leaves Yaro on the cliffs of the sea to disappear into the clouds. The Karun has made an alliance with Senkyou to seek out Sauri and destroy her. The remaining guardians, having been captured, escape with the help of the Oracle Kagami.

In Book Two, The Faceless God, Sauri finds the last virtue of humanity. The Karun encroaches upon Asgard while the guardians plan for the final battle. Allies bond together, coming from the four corners of the kingdom, and foes become unlikely friends.

┬ęT. Cunningham, 2002