Authors note: - This is sort of a flash fic, it's under 2000 words and has no point other than to illustrate my characters morning. Granted it's mostly about Morragon and what she does but I like it and I hope you do too. : ) I don't expect you to, mainly because it's just about breakfast!


The Breakfast of Champions

Morragon awake naturally, her internal alarm clock going off and telling her it was time to get up. She sat up slowly, stretching out as she moved and yawned widely. The sun was still a while away from rising but her day was already beginning. She rolled out of bed and made her way naked out of her room and down the hall to the bathroom. It was normal for her to sleep naked, she was just more comfortable that way.

The apartment was still and silent. As normal she was the first one up. Despite the quiet predawn she was fully aware of her family sleeping. She could feel them in the back of her mind and it comforted her. Morragon turned on the shower and brushed her teeth while the water heated up. Next she ran a boar's hair brush through her long auburn hair. By the time she was finished the hot shower water had steamed up the mirror. She climbed in and hissed in surprise as the hot water blasted her. Quickly she turned down the heat and relaxed as the heat toned down to a more comfortable level.

She grabbed her homemade body wash and squeezed it onto a shower puff and began scrubbing herself clean. Once soaped up she dropped the shower puff and put some shampoo in her hair, also homemade. When she was sufficiently covered head to toe in suds she stepped into the water and rinsed off. Next she grabbed the matching bottle of conditioner and rubbed it into her hair, ends to roots and let it set for two minutes. After completely rinsing off the conditioner she applied shaving cream to her legs and quickly but carefully shaved her legs, then her underarms.

Now clean she rinsed off one last time and turned off the shower. She stepped out onto the bathroom rug and grabbed a large fluffy towel and dried off. For her hair she wrapped it in the extra towel and left the first one to dry on the towel rack. Again naked she walked back to her room and dressed for the day. She pulled on a pair of well worn straight leg jeans, sports bra, and long sleeved front button up silk shirt that was almost too threadbare to wear. Leaving the shirt unbuttoned she rolled the sleeves up to her elbows and removed the towel from her head.

Walking towards her dresser drawers she picked up a brush off the top and hurriedly ran it through her hair then braided it and tied it in place with a velvet hair tie. She returned the towel to the bathroom and began a head count. First she poked her head into her sister Bella's room and wasn't surprised to find her curled up on her side, sleeping alone. With a fond smile she closed the door silently and crossed the hall to Lilly's room. Inside Lilly was curled up in a pile of three people, two men and a woman. They were all completely naked, outside of Lilly who always wore a tight racer top bra to bed. She closed the door with equal judiciousness and moved past her room to her mothers. As always Nightshade had a gentleman over, Morragon didn't recognize the man but with his face buried into her mothers hair it was hard to tell.

Head count completed she walked into the kitchen and began to prepare breakfast. She pulled out the waffle maker, three pans, and a pot and positioned them around the relatively small kitchen. With casual ease she grabbed a collection of bowls of varying size and mixed together in one waffle mix from scratch, the next pancake batter from her premed but home mixed batch and in the last scrambled up some eggs with a dash of spices. She opened up the fridge and scowled at it.

"No blueberries!? Damnit, someone must have eaten them!" Morragon grumbled and almost slammed the door shut. "I guess I'll have to run down to the market."

She walked back into her bedroom and put on some socks and her favorite boots. Still leaving her shirt unbuttoned she shouldered her backpack and breezed out of the apartment and ran down the stairs to the ground floor six flights below. Still running she dashed past an early bird neighbor who called out to her.

"Good morning Morrg!"

"Mornin' Gray!" She yelled over her shoulder as she shot out the rotating doors and onto the street.

The sun was just starting to peak over the horizon and the sky began to lighten, showing storm clouds had gathered during the night. Undaunted she kept up her quick pace and arrived shortly at the market located on the corner of her block. She slowed to a walk and pulled open the door and walked in.

"Good morning Jen." Morragon said smiling at the store owner.

He smiled back. "Good morning Morragon."

She walked to the fresh produce section and grabbed a small pint of blueberries. When she got back to the counter she sat them down and shrugged off her bag and searched for her wallet. Jen waited for her patiently smiling. When she found her wallet she pulled out a five dollar bill beside the blueberries. Jen gave her, her change and didn't bother bagging the berries. Morragon waved to him and grabbed the blueberries and ran out.

Back in the apartment she rinsed off the berries as fast as possible and threw them into the pancake mix. She went about heating up all the necessary pots and pans then retrieved bacon from the fridge, happy that there was enough left for everyone. Now that she had everything she began cooking the pancakes, waffles, bacon, poached eggs and scrambled eggs. Soon the smells of food filled the apartment and woke the sleeping masses.

The first one to investigate was Bella who sleepily yawned and sat at the table, waiting for her food. Soon after Lilly and her still very naked guests walked into the kitchen.

Morragon shot them a dark look. "Get dressed. All of you."

"Yeah, I didn't want to see any of that." Bella said darkly glaring at them with equal ire.

They retired back to the bedroom without a single complaint but shortly returned. Then men had put on just boxers, Lilly and her female friend were now wearing oversized shirts. Neither Morragon nor Bella complained about their barely there wear but Bella rolled her eyes in disgust. They all gathered around the table and watched Morragon cook with eager hungry looks. She ignored them and kept working. One of the men, a dark haired muscular handsome man stood up and attempted to steal a piece of bacon. Morragon grabbed his wrist and twisted his hand.

"No nibbling before breakfast is served!" She snapped glaring at him. He seemed surprised by her strength and stepped down, returning to his seat.

Lilly giggled and patted his hand. "Don't feel bad Aidan, she's like that to everyone when it comes to her cooking."

"Of course I am, I don't want anyone to spoil there appetite." Morragon proclaimed with a slight smile.

"What's for breakfast?" A voice asked sleepily from down the hall.

"Blueberry pancakes, waffles, bacon, scrambled eggs and poached eggs." Morragon replied.

Nightshade walked into the kitchen followed by her lover who seemed uncomfortable. She pulled him to the table and sat him down, taking her seat in his lap.

"Wow, there are a lot of people here." Her lover said looking around in wonderment.

"We sometimes get more." Nightshade said kissing his cheek.

"Your room mate always does the cooking?" Asked glancing towards Morragon.

"That's not my roommate, that's my daughter." Nightshade explained.

"Daughter?" He looked from Nightshade to Morragon, his expression unbelieving.

"Breakfast is ready." Morragon said placing food laden plates on the table. The stack of pancakes rose so high it threatened to tumble over at any moment, the waffles were more stable but just as tall. The eggs and bacon looked ready to spill over the plate but kept a careful balance. All this quickly changed as Lilly and her collection snatched up food and piled it onto there plates. Morragon then sat several warm mini-pitchers of syrup on the table that similarly got swept up in the feeding frenzy. Bella was a little more careful and took only pancakes and scrambled eggs, ignoring the waffles and bacon. Nightshade made a plate for herself and her lover and began feeding him with a smile. He looked a little unsure about it but didn't complain.

Morragon watched them all eat with a proud smile and waited for them to finish eating. Partly because there was no more room to sit at the over crowded table and to a certain extent because she enjoyed watching people relish eating the food she made. Within moments Lilly and her friends had finished eating, even though they had downed most of the food that had been served. As quickly as they had eaten they left, eager to start their days. Bella was done next and withdrew to her room for more sleep. Now that the table was clear enough Morragon sat down and leisurely made herself a plate of food and ate while watching her mother and the shy man clean their plates.

As soon as he was done eating he said he had to go, muttering something about work. Nightshade volunteered to help him scrub his back in the shower and they disappeared into the bathroom with smiles. Morragon chuckled softly and kept eating her breakfast. When she was done she began picking up the mess that was created by all the guests, washing the dishes and clearing the counters. No one came to help her but she didn't complain, only quietly cleaning up her kitchen.