By:Andrew Troy Keller

I am a man who was from a time
When some things had cost only a dime.
But that was before
I had met a scientist named George Belfore,
The man who had me frozen in time.

Back in the days of the Great Depression,
Looking for any job was my mission
In life.At first,I was lucky to had met Belfore.
But that was before
He had sent me on a different type of mission.

First,he had drugged me.
And then,he had placed me
Inside some type of refrigeration unit.
After he had sealed it,
The years had suddenly moved quickly around me.

Suddenly,I was finally awakened by
A group of scientists who had discovered my
Frozen tomb and freed me
Into the era of time that I had discovered to be
The latter half of the 20th Century.

At first,I had thought of it as nothing,but a nightmare.
But then,I was no longer able to care
About that any more,
Because deep down in my very core,
I should not think of it as a nightmre.

Instead,I should consider it a home,
Even though its not where the buffalo roam.
And even though I still my old time,
At least I'm glad to have a job to call mine.

I'm now a history teacher.
I was able to get this job after
I had became a prisoner of time.
No thanks to that puddle of slime,
Professor George Alexander Belfore!