He strums his guitar, playing the last song of the show.

His scratchy voice fills the dimly lighted room reaching the handful of people in the        crowd.

He keeps his head down, concentrating. His sandy blonde hair falls in his face.

And then- he looks up. His blue eyes pierce the air like ice.

But only for a moment. He looks back down and gets back into his song.

Only for a moment, but it is as clear as day to me.

It's like a glass window straight into his soul.

In it I see…a cry for help. Desperation. Madness. Pain.

It's like, life just isn't what it used to be, what it's supposed to be.

And it's in that moment that I realize- he knows. He knows that months later, he won't be here anymore. He knows what he has to do. He knows.

And then the song ends. He thanks the crowd and steps off stage.