NOTE: Kurt is my newest unhealthy obsession. After reading lots of awesome poems on here, I decided to write another one. Also, I'm reading Heavier Than Heaven, which I strongly suggest everyone read, and I was struck with inspiration. Hopefully this isn't too tragic (as in quality)…

It's Easter and all I'm wishing

is that you were resurrected instead of Jesus

I want to see you at a concert with your old buddies

Krist and Dave  

I want to see you live on MTV

insisting that fame is a burden

exaggerating your childhood/teenage traumas

playing the part of my role model

I want you to be here to write more songs to make my days a little better

I want to see you happy with your family

I want you to be tangible proof that sad people can

can live

can love

can be strong

I want you to be here so I won't be the last remaining

World Class Whiner

I want to hear your scratchy, Seattle voice in person

I want to meet you, hug you,

tell you that you will never,


fade away