By:Andrew Troy Keller

Sometimes,like an unexpected dove,
The Christmas enchantment could bring about true love.
Take,for instance,
Tracy Cash and Scott Spence,
Two who were about to experence true love.

The girl,known as Tracy Cash,
Was smart and sometimes brash.
But,even though she was a honey,
She had realized that the money
Would instead make her burn and crash.

The guy,known as Scott Spence,
was indeed a real prince.
But then,within the hasseles of life,
He had noticed something missing in life.
Someone willing to be Mrs. Scott Spence.

They had finally met at a party.
To be exact,an office party.
And,as they had looked into each other's eyes,
They were to have a love that wouldn't die--
Even when they had partied hearty.

Thanks to that Christmas enchantment,
Scott and Tracy had known that they were meant
To be together
Forever and ever.
Very strong stuff,that Christmas enchantment.