The Game of Life

Across the multi-colored spaces

Each reading a different fate

Whichever path you take

You end up at the same gate

The gate of death

Begins at the gate of life

With each breath

Fate cuts through like a knife

The almighty planner

Spins the arrow round

It goes with a fast but fateful manner

But has no sound

It has the choice of red

Yellow, pink, or blue

You die if you land on red

But blue means you can last another spin or two

You're a pawn in the game

You move a space or four

You're life can be but to shame

But then again, four means you get an extra life and much, much more

The planner sends the speedy arrow

Each passing a different color and number

You're chances begin to narrow

Hopefully you'll get your lucky number

The one that says that you're free

You will finally see

The world in which you can be

With your dreams as your key

There it goes, it's landed on

A yellow five

This means your life isn't done

You can stay alive!

But here's the best part

You can finally leave this place

You're allowed to go anywhere within the desire of your heart

It's your ticket, your ended case

You can finally fly from this place

Good-bye for now

We'll meet again soon

It's time for our final farewell bow

I'll see you at the next full moon

When we play on this board again

'Cept you're a spectator

And I'm still in...

-What do you think?