Stereotypical Hypocrites

They can call me a stereotype

They can classify me

But they can't pinpoint me or know anything about me

What they think is their opinion and business

The world's just full of those opinionated people

Who think they know everything about a person

But then, what they thought they knew

Blows up in their faces

Because they became dependent on what a person seems to be

They can't cling to what a person is "supposed to be"

Because a person is never like that

When you finally find the person under layers of totally different things

The image dissolves at your fingertips

You may think you know me

You may think I belong to a "group"

You may see me as a million different stereotypes

But I'm not

How can people who consider themselves my friends

Be hypocrites all their own.

Telling me who I should be

What I've become

What I should turn into

They have got it wrong

And it's time

Time I showed them who I am

No more acting

No more faking

No more game of pretend

Time to show you me

And if you find you aren't prepared for change

Don't get to know me

That's all you're going to be faced with

Think of me like a shadow, a reflection

You can see me

You can even get to think you know me

But once you THINK you know me

I'll slip through your fingers

As fast as you can count to three

Cause change is cruel

But that's what life is full of

If you can't accept the rules of the game

Don't play

I'm finding more and more backstabbers

Supposed friends

How can I trust you

When you turn and go behind my back, talking about who you think I am?

Seems there's nothing I know about you or me

Or, what I thought I knew

I learn about myself more and more everyday

That's the thing about life

It's lightning fast

You've got to think on your feet

Or you'll get left behind me

No matter how you think of me

I'm different.

If only you knew and understood that

Your standards are different than mine

Live up to the WORLD'S STANDARDS

And be who you are

Not who you think you should be

-Have you ever felt this way?