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Donabell Skyeyes was rather bored with life. She had been assigned Cinderella by the Fairy Godmothers of Europe Job Agency (FGEJA) for a month now. Dona was sick and tired of Cinderella's dumb blond attitude, of her stupid old lady glamour costume thingie that she had to magic on everyday, of the stupid prince's stupid stinky feet jokes, of the evil step-sister's evil stupidity, and of the countless times the evil stepmother's sinister laughter sounded just plain dumb instead of sinister. You'd think by now Cinderella would have gotten the point and married the damn prince but nooo. As Cinderella's godmother, Dona had to be her damn personal psychiatrist too.


"I just don't know if I want to marry him or not," sighed Cinderella, "Charming is handsome and smart, and, well, CHARMING, but IS he the one?"

Donabell gritted her teeth. "Cindy, dear, you know as well as I do that as Cinderella, your agency (an: that would be Princess Story Jobs Inc., or PSJI) handpicked you and Charming to get married. End of story. If you don't cooperate, you'll be fired and the next thing you know, you'll have to be squished by a house everyday, playing the Wicked Witch of the East in the Wizard of Oz. Trust me, you don't want that. I had a princess who did that and by the time she was 25, she was flat as a pancake. Like I said, he was handpicked for you, so you might as well marry the guy and live happily ever after."

Cinderella chewed her lip, unsure, and looked at Dona, "But are you SURE I'll live happily ever after with him?"

Personally, Dona was sure she WOULDN'T live happily ever after with Charming of the Stinky Feet Jokes, but it wasn't her place to say so. She counted to 10 in Fairian to make sure she wouldn't throttle Cinderella and her puffy, blond hair for being such a puffy, dumb, blond and replied, (in her Very Persuasive Voice), "OF COURSE, dear. Remember? The agency PICKED him so he would be perfect and you two would live happily ever after, remember?"

Cinderella nodded and smiled with lip-gloss covered lips and skipped out of Donabell's office.

Donabell sighed as she ran her hands through her thick, raven-colored hair. She reached down and pressed her intercom button.

"Holly?" she called to her secretary

"Yes, ma'am?"

"Hold all of my calls. I desperately need a drink."

"OK. But be careful. You have a meeting with a prince from Swan Lake in a couple of hours."


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