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Donabell magicked herself to her favorite pub-The Frosty Tankard. She went straight for the bar and ordered a shot of Hell Whiskey.

"You sure?" asked the bartender, "you don't want to be drunk on the job-you know as well as I do how drunken a drunk fairy can be."

"Oh, for Sugar Plum's sake, Tom, it's only one shot."

"Yeah but one shot of Hell Whiskey is a HELL of a lot of alcohol." (an: Hell whiskey, or any other Fairian alcoholic beverage is 10 times more potent then its human counterpart.)

"Think I care? I had to be poor, blond, Cinderella's personal shrink again. I FINALLY convinced her that prince Charming was the one for her. Girl's so blond she didn't realizes she didn't have a choice. Tom, seriously, GIVE ME THE HELL WHISKEY!"

"Uh-uh, sorry Dona. Knowing you, you probably have some other royalty coming in for some sort of counseling. . .so how about some spiked soda instead?"

Dona groaned. She totally forgot. The Swan Lake prince. She hated doing Swan Lake. Practically all the princes were suicidal. And then you had to tell them that they really didn't die at the end. They just got some major plastic surgery and a different name. Plus, she had an awful feather allergy.

"Eh? Am I right?"

Dona nodded. "Just hand me something with alcohol, OK Tom?"


An hour later, Donabell was sitting calmly behind her mahogany desk, her lavender wings held together securely behind her back. Her hair was perfect. Her eye makeup perfectly accented her sky blue eyes. Not a smidgen of her dark red lipstick was out of place. And there wasn't even the tiniest wrinkle in her black skirt, black business jacket, or her wine- colored shirt. Her pantyhose were run-free, and her black stiletto heels were polished to perfection. Or at least that was what it LOOKED like. In reality, she was wearing jeans and a green tank top. The business suit was all glamour-magic. (an: that means basically a magical optical illusion. So she's comfy, but she looks all business-y. Very convenient, eh?) Of course she wouldn't be wearing that business outfit. It would be highly uncomfortable. Not to mention the risk of getting a run in the pantyhose. But she had to at least LOOK business like when she was meeting with a prince. Otherwise, they would either get WAY too close, or they would try their utterly awful pickup lines. ("I tried and tried, but I couldn't get you out of my head last night." To which Dona would reply, "That's funny. I was running away." Which didn't quite set well with management.) so there she was looking like lawyer Barbie, when the Prince walked in. Donabell's mouth dropped open quite widely. HOT DAMN. This guy was the Tragic Prince in San Lake? BIG waste of hotness here. HOLY SHIT. His long, pitch black hair was held in a sexy ponytail at the base of his neck. She felt faint at the sight of that hair. He had eyes that were a pure cobalt blue. They looked like they could see straight to her soul. Or at least past her glamour. His skin was a perfect blend of tan and pale. His perfectly shaped lips were turned up in a half smile that was making Dona's heart pound and her wings flutter. His teeth were a snow white (an: if snow be white, why then his teeth be whiter. . . sorry, spin of Shakespeare's 130th sonnet. Couldn't help it. Did you know Alan Rickman did a recording of that? I mean how sexy can you get? Never mind. If you don't know who I'm talking about, see Sense and Sensibility. COLONEL BRANDON ROCKS!) He was dressed in a long sleeved, dark cobalt, silk shirt with silver buttons. The top two buttons were unfastened, giving her the slightest peek of what promised to be a superb chest. He was wearing a pair of black jeans. She was all swoony. He smiled wider and said, "Hey- Donabell Skyeyes, right?" he extended his right hand, "I'm Christof Baltic, a.k.a. the Tragic Prince."

Dona gaped. He had an English accent. Granted she had been in Europe so long she should have been used to it, but damn. It added a whole big, whopping layer of sexiness to him. She finally extended her hands and was about to shake his when instead of shaking her hand, he kissed it. Right on the knuckles. She nearly fainted right there.

He lightly dropped her hand. THIS was the fairy godmother? He was expecting some old, white haired lady, not some gorgeous babe. There was no fucking way this was her. But he could see all the outfit. Or rather, he could see right past the outfit. Getting tutored in magic for 5 years had at least shown him how to tell what was glamour and what wasn't. Of course, it was the most boring thing he had ever done, but at least he had been LEARNING something. No doubt being the Tragic Prince was going to be more interesting. He wasn't so sure he liked the whole makeover deal, but oh well. A job was a job.

"So, what do I call you? Don? Because, you know, Donabell's such a mouthful."

"S-sure." She was so nervous. He wanted give her a nickname, he could. Hell, she wanted him to do more than nickname her. "S-so you want to sit down?" he nodded and flung himself down on the sofa in front of her desk.

"You understand completely that you won't die, correct?"


An hour later, Dona ended the session. He had asked some really good questions. She was amazed a prince could be this smart. Though she was getting a very un-princely like vibe off him.

"So," he began, "thanks for the pointers."


He got up and shook her hand. He suddenly had a very strong urge to ask this woman out. What the hell? This was his appointed fairy godmother. He was NOT supposed to be turned on by his fairy godmother. But screw that. He was.

"Would you-" he began. How would he do this?

Dona looked up, confused. What would this guy want? She knew what she WANTED him to want, but she had absolutely no clue what he, in reality, was wanting right now. But she really wanted to know. What he was wanting, I mean.

"Would you go have a drink with me tonight?"

Dona gaped. Was he ASKING HER OUT? Well, what else was she going to say? HELLO. The guy was WAY too gorgeous to pass up.


"Great! Meet me here at 8:00 tonight. And I don't mind if you're still wearing those jeans and that tank top." He winked as he turned around and left.

Dona gaped again. How had he known about THAT?

Christof popped his head through the door. "Spending five years at a wizarding academy had its benefits." He winked again as he trotted down the stairs.

Dona smirked. Well. Thank God he wasn't an ordinary price. Because wizards really knew how to turn a girl on.


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