To all kids who are thinking of doing this: Don't! Also, if you are thinking about situations like this, please go to a counselor and save your life.

          A poem dedicated to a friend of mine, who did the unthinkable two years ago.

~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~


I'm standing on a bridge,

Looking at the murky depths below.

Thinking back on my shattered life,

Knowing that I was my worst foe.

As I prepare to dive,

Goodbyes to family and friends flash through my mind.

Apologizing for failing everyone,

But this was the only end to my suffering I could find.

Whistling through the air,

Like the many blows that eventually crushed me,

Drove me to do this.

My only wish is for this to end instantaneously.

As I take my final breath,

As my eyes close for a final time,

I want to tell all the kids in the world to not make the mistakes

That I made, and for them to find another way.