Dreams that have Gone

Where do the forgotten dreams go?

Where do they stay?

Do they think and decide.

To travel their own way?

Will I ever dream about them again?

Will I get the same fantasy twice?

If I stay awake in the dark.

Will they become deceit and lies?

Do they go to Paris and fall in love?

Do they go to the Milky Way to eat cheese?

Will they take their lives easy?

Or work hard like buzzing bees?

Where do they go, these unremembered fantasies?

Why have they gone?

I think they have jobs with humans.

And they flee when it's done.

Oh, where are they?

Where are my wonderful dreams?

Don't take my dreams away.

I want them to flow, like everlasting streams.

I miss my forgotten dreams,

If only they'd come back.

I can't remember.

For they have gone forever black.

Author's notes: These are just pure ramblings of my small mind. I really do wonder where my dreams go.I can't remember some of them. All that is left are vague pictures.Please review! ^____^