What would you do if the you were given the knowledge that the Earth was coming to an end?

Would you tell everyone, the media, the press. Or would you keep it a secrete, only concluding it to only those you loved and trusted most.

Take a different path maybe, refuse the knowledge, don't believe. Have the wait, the fear build up in you, the ever depending feeling that something is going to happen. And when it does, it's your fault that none were saved.

It's your choice, I just hope you'd pick the right one.

Andy didn't enjoy showing off, flaunting his athletic ability, his grades. That just wasn't his style. But some things can't be helped, some people, like Andy, are just diamonds in the rough that refuse to stay hidden. That's probably why he was the first to go, to 'disappear'. In truth, he was a nice guy, one of the only jocks that didn't hunt down prey. They must of been jealous. Doesn't matter though, he's gone and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Well maybe I could of, but that's not my style.

She 'disappeared' too. Jessica Brabson, a blonde hair, brown eyed, short skirted goddess who thought of Them as useless scum who shouldn't be rotting in her presence. Jessica could be summed up as original bitch, queen of high school, she made a mistake though, she rejected one of Them. Stupid choice. I couldn't of cared less.

I'm probably getting ahead of myself, you don't even know who They are, which figures because no one does, well except for me of course. Their real names are 'The Dispels', but no one calls Them that anymore. Just referring to Them as Them is easier. They are followers, mindless drones who fill the media and press up with cryptic lies to keep them busy while evil consumes every living piece of the Earth. Word of advice, find that the world is ending, don't go to the media.

They told me that if I leaked information on Them, They'd kill me. Surprised they haven't killed me already, haven't had me 'disappear' as well, which is really a laugh. You don't 'disappear' you disintegrate into a billion pieces, you're obliterated. Which makes it look like you're disappearing, that and I think with everything else going on, it's a lot less on the mind. Why do you think I've been putting it in single quotations this whole time?

Right, so why haven't they killed me? Because I went out with their leader, not Their Master mind you, haven't seem him, her, it, yet. Don't really want to. But Zack, Zack Sanders, the most feared 17 year old in the world is my ex, the strongest, mightiest tyrant to ever live, and I've made him cry. I guess that's a factoring element in my existence at this point.

I'm holding a Firestar, a slim little number that looks like nothing and shoots like hell. In front of me is a Fang, a Vampire with a fear and sex lust, not a blood hunger. It's big, hungry, and coming right at me. I should say she, but I'm not exactly sure if Vamps have a sex and I'm not to sure I want to find out either.

I never keep the safety lock on, wastes too much time, so I just fire away. First in the gut, blue-green blood dripping down jeans that fit to tightly. Making my way up to the head, bullet after bullet ramming it's way into the thing that really shouldn't be standing in front of me. Blood was flying everywhere and the thing was finally beginning to stumble back. One last pelt, straight in the head, or somewhere around there, and the brains flew apart, splattering on the new jacket I got that day.

There weren't any more Fangs, at least I hoped not, I wanted sleep. So I started my walk home, which wasn't long, just uphill and hell on my calves. My apartment was in a Cell, a protected area from all things supernatural. Kind of takes the fun out of living in a world like today's. I shared my apartment with two other girls, Roya, the smart, rational, ivy league student that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and got dumped here in a rural Cell instead of a University one. Megan was the exact opposite of Roya, a juvenile delinquent who had broken damn near every law by the age of 15. Just as Roya didn't belong here, neither did Megan, she was supposed to be located in a Prison cell, and I mean the old fashioned ones that just happened to be surrounded by a proper Cell. I guess I landed somewhere in the middle of the two. I might of even been able to tell them what was really going on, but Roya was too caught up in getting her worthless scholarship to pay attention to anything and Megan either too wasted or drunk to even notice that the world was coming to an end.

The shimmer of a Cell lay burning in front of me, strips of plasma lava looking silicon stuff. The Cell verified me as human and gave me enough room to pass and 3 seconds to get though before I was stuck in-between. I made it, but not everyone always does. More would die if a Vamp smuggled in though, so I guess the ethics fit in there somewhere. I took the lift up to my apartment, pausing in one of the public bathrooms to save my jacket from eternal stains. I ended up throwing it away.

Roya was sitting on a bench outside the apartment when I walked up, head bent in some thick ass book she was reading. Blue sweat pants hung over her legs and a sweatshirt that read 'Stanford' in big red letters draped her chest. The whole outfit overstated her slim figure. Her brown hair was kept back in the same bun she always wore and her gray eyes were framed by reading glasses.

"Hey Nicole, you go out again?" Roya really didn't like it when I went outside the Cell, she thinks I'll get myself killed, I've come close, but I can handle myself.

"Yeah." I grinned and let myself in to the apartment. Roya shook her head and went back to her reading. Megan was lying on the beaten couch we had, passed out, a few bottles of some beer lying next to her. Needles lay on her chest filled with a drug I didn't know. A cigarette lay burnt in her mouth, made you wonder exactly how many drugs she did on a regular basis.

The phone rang for no apparent reason other then bug me, so I just let it ring in it's endless drone. Message machine picked up, Roya's preppy voice came on, instructing whoever the hell was calling to leave a message. I walked into the kitchen, going to find something to eat. There was a beep, and Zack came on, sounding almost nervous.

"Nicole, you there?" C'mon Nicole, pick up! Look I don't have time for this shit! Just pick up the Fucking phone!"

I ran, almost tripping over Megan who was still asleep. My breath was heavy, but it wasn't from the dash.


"Shit Nicole, your there."

"What do you want Zack?" The initial shock was over, I pressed the phone against my ear, pissed off.

"We need to talk, I'll be by your place in fifteen minutes." He hung up.

You see, I really did like Zack. We had plans even, to get married, have kids, move to California. You could even say we were in love, but I don't believe in that shit. It was our last year of high school when he turned over. One day he was an average kid who played video games and had a steady girlfriend, and the next he was the leader of an other worldly organization trying to destroy this dimension and kill life on planet Earth. No, really, I'm serious.

I shook my head, I really didn't need to see Zack right now, I didn't need to see Zack ever, but that's beside the point. So I woke up Megan, shoved a fifty into her hand and told her to take Roya out to dinner. It would probably end up with Megan wasting it all on drugs. Whatever, as long as they were out.

I sighed.

The door slammed and I looked around the room. The place was a mess. Roya's books were scattered all over the place and Megan's (read: illegal) drugs lay on every surface. Not to let Zack get the wrong impression, I cleaned up. OK, I threw everything into the closet and my room, but that's beside the point.

I tore off my shirt that had gotten some of the Fangs remnants on it, and threw on a midnight blue shirt that hugged my chest tightly and ended above my navel, I vaguely remember Zack liking it. My jeans would have to do, not that I think I could find any other ones in my room anyway.

Pacing the room seemed like a stupid thing to do, but my jumpy body needed some form of movement, so I paced. I noticed in faint wonderment that the walls were in desperate need of painting, though I don't think we had enough money to do something so trivial.

Finally after pacing for what seemed like forever, there was a knock on the door. It seemed sort of humorous that Their highest ranking member was knocking, but then again, he used to enjoy long walks on the beach. I shrugged it off and opened the door.

He'd changed, a lot. He used to keep his hair long, and dyed so that it was dark brown, but now it was it's original black, and a darker black then I had remembered and short so that it only came to his ears. He donned a black shirt that lay hidden in a black coat that came down the knee's of his black pants. The hazel eyes he'd always possessed were still as piercing as ever and made me want to either melt down right there in front of him and beg for forgiveness, or kill him. Instead I just asked,

"What the hell do you want Zack?" OK, maybe that wasn't the best thing in the world to say.

"Your in a lot of deep shit Nicole." He brushed past me and came into the apartment. I turned to face him, not really trusting my face to look pissed.

He sighed, "Look, I don't really need this right now. I have enough on my chest without having to throw myself back into your fucked up life." He stopped for whatever ulterior reasons he possessed.

"I wouldn't be talking." My voice came out a little to dry for the words.

"God Nicole, Master want's to fucking kill you, he's wanted to since he found out that you knew so much and were still alive. I'm supposed to be killing you right now!" The words were rushed and his face flushed. You could even mistake it for worried. Zack? Nah.

"Well thanks for not. I guess." What else was there to say?

He strode up to me, so that I had to stare up to see him. I'm 5'6 and he's 6'1, shut up.

"Nicole," He breathed and I could smell mint on his breath, it made me shiver. "You can join us you know." I think he was trying to be seductive, and I hate it when he does that and I hate me for feeling like I have to resist it.

"How badly does your Master want me dead?" When in doubt, change the subject.

"Bad enough." He stepped back, seemingly disappointed.

"OK, Zack, I can handle myself against whatever your Master throws against me, but thanks." I wanted to add 'Except you.' but decided that it would sound weak, my voice was quivering as it was.

He almost silently drew a gun from somewhere and had it pointed at my chest before I could even register what the fuck he was doing.

"Zack, cut the shit." I was scared but I hoped to high hell that it didn't show.

"You either join us or I kill you, here and now." His words cut me a little more then they should of, but that's because I let them. He had changed a lot more then I had realized, he was not the same, not in slightest.

"I told you before Zack, I don't want to join Them, get that through your head." I took a tentative step back and heard the safety click off. Fuck.

So I quickly drew my own gun in a speediness that Zack had never been able to measure up to, and we came to a standstill, each with a gun at each others chest, each with a blank face, or at least I hoped so on my part.

Zack grinned and twirled the gun in his hand until it disappeared back into his coat pocket, a laugh erupted from his lips and I felt pretty certain he had gone insane.

"First I need to ask a favor." The words and voice were so innocent, so non challance that I shot the gun, it hit the wall, missing him by a good four feet and making a large ass hold in the wall. Now he had me pissed off, and I'm not pissed off easily. Yeah I get mad, and yeah I'll blow your head off if you fuck with me, but to get me truly pissed off, that takes talent, talent that Zack has a whole shit load of.

"Don't fuck with me." I said it through gritted teeth, seriousness dripping in my words, and he laughed again.

"I'm not fucking with you, I need your help." He finally got himself under control and let his eyes met mine. It would of been stupid to say that I when I gazed into his eyes I didn't feel anything, because I felt a lot of things. But he now was the enemy, and so those feelings, no matter how strong, didn't mean a damn thing.

"I wasn't lying, Master does want you dead, but that's only if you can't help us." His eyes went glassy and I felt the power rising in the room. He was trying to scare me, and he was doing a damn good job of it. Magic freaked me out, I had a hell more then most people, but I never cared to use it, or tap in to it for that matter, I valued my humanity, and when you delved to far into your power you became something other then human. Take Zack for instance.

"I'm listening." I took a small step back and put the gun away, if he was going to play with magic it wasn't going to be much help.

The power dropped down a notch and the relief I felt was visible in my face. Zack sat on an arm of the couch, picking at the fuzz, but still staring at me.

"Master said that I need to go to the Bermuda Triangle, there's a rift there between this dimension and Reight, a really big one."

"What the fuck is Reight and what do you need me for?" I cut him off and plopped down on the really ugly chair opposite the couch, I was gearing up for something really bad and I might as well be sitting so I could stand up.

He sighed and finally took his eyes away from me. "Reight is a dimension that borders on ours, it opens up in the Bermuda, didn't you study this?" The last of this was a joke, but I didn't feel like joking around.

"No, I didn't graduate collage, thanks to you." So what if I was being mean, he had just threatened me.

"That's right, OK then Nicole, it doesn't matter anyway." I glared at him.

"What do you need me for then?" I met his eyes and they held nothing. Empty of feeling, I wished that I could do the same, but I knew my eyes held red hot anger.

"Remember when I told you that you had a shit load of magic and that together we could become extremely powerful?" I recalled the extremely cliched conversation we had had, the one that had scared me to hell, and nodded.

"We need more power then I have, and considering we've had, er. sexual relationships it strengthens the bond between our powers." He said it with more feeling then I expected from him, something resided behind those words, maybe even feelings. Wait, this is Zack were talking about, never mind.

"Don't remind me." My words thankfully came out nonchalantly.

He raised a brow and stood up. "Meet me at one tomorrow, at the airport. Don't show up and the Master will be shoving Fangs and demons up your ass, if that doesn't work, he'll come after you." He said 'he' like it was italicized.

"So it's a he?" I went to the door, but didn't open it.

He shrugged, "He's more masculine then anything, but no one knows for sure."

I opened the door and he left.