Just Cry
© 2003 Black Tangled Heart

Scared girl, broken girl, with your hidden crystalline tears

The raw scars buried deep; the blood roses blooming

Sweet girl, fragile girl, with agony in your pretty eyes

You look as though you can conquer every adversity easily

The weight on your shoulders is invisible to uncaring souls

Sinister and black, breaking bones, breaking hope

(I want to mend the shattered pieces.)

Sad girl, dark girl, with acquaintances that turn their backs

Secrets folded around you like silken wings

They blend into the shadows, gossamer but poisonous

Your carefully arranged façade across a beautiful face

To the world, you have no flaws

Strong girl, smart girl, look into the mirror and see how amazing you are

Let the tears run dry

Cry until the salt is red on your cheeks and your blood burns

Cry until peace replaces the burden of guilt and misery

Cry until warmth melts the ice in your heart

Cry until your wounds are healed with saline richness

Cry until the world is saturated and your soul bleeds no more

Angel girl, my angel girl

Just Cry