I Am A Cutter

You call me a freak,
You tell me I'm insane,
You can't see past my scars,
See right inside my pain.

All you do is hate me,
Because I'm not like you,
Well, maybe I'm not "normal",
But you can't fix me with glue.

My problems are not trivial,
And you just think I'm mad,
Can't you see the little girl,
Who hasn't led the life you have?

Just like you, I'm human,
I just need some tender care,
I need to hold your hand again,
Please let me know you're there.

It'll take a while to heal,
But with you, I know I'll win,
You just need to remember,
That self-harm is not a sin.

Maybe God has failed me,
So I need you more and more,
All I want is you again,
Together, like before.