Save me

I feel like..I'm drowning.

The world is too big, to scary.

I don't want to hurt myself but I can't help it. Sometimes I just want to..die.

I look out at the world and see nothing but sadness and anger.

What if I die tomorrow? What if I die in a week? What if I die alone and cold in an alley somewhere?


I want to end it on my terms. So I don't have to die alone.

But I don't' want to die now. I don't but I do.

Oh god someone save me.

I know I'm sick but I can't cope with this. I feel so stupid! But every thing, every small little thing pushes me over the edge. But I don't want to fall.

I want to live.

But I want to die.

I can feel the tear slowly fall down my cheek.

Sometimes I feel so happy and safe and warm, but then something goes wrong.

Really wrong.

It's like I go totally down. I suddenly feel cold and alone. And sick. I just want to die.

But I don't want to be in pain.

Damnit I'm such a coward.

I hate myself sometimes, and other times I'm happy.

I don't know what to do.



Save me..

~I've been drowning forever,

I've let go.

I dive into the river and flow~