******** Stop apologizing...

Nothing's been done wrong...

Nothing you've said has been a burden

I'm used to carrying the pain of others...

I inflict it upon myself

Mercy Doll

Can't make it up

I gotta do this on my own...

Need a little help out of this hole of mine

But I'm out.

I'll do it myself!

Mercy Doll

I've been dragging myself along

All on my own

Fighting quietly

I can do this myself!

Broken Mercy Doll

Vengeful Prince of Mercy

I'll keep them here....

Muttering, the babble of a crazed prince, "not a chick, not a chick..." Lines tattered a Princess of pain and destruction has let the two merge, "We've found it"

An empty chair in a media room

A electronic message keeps playing on the screens

The room's empty

Where's the monster in the chair?

Where's the demon!?

One woman stands at the doorway that's never been seen before

Broken wires hang from under her skin




Synchronized beating of the two beings that have found it...

"We must go to the bamboo forest." She speaks to herself

"We'll ride on the dog...they'll show the way."

Flick the switch

Illuminated face fades into darkness

Screens shutting off one by one.

"I am my own prince..."

The feeling's been felt

She's there, it's true

And I promised her

I love her

So don't say you're sorry my friend

You've done nothing wrong

I am responsible for my own actions.

So don't take it upon yourself


Zara and L have come to terms; thank you, my lovely poet, Christina.