Alone, Always...

Life is just collected
broken dreams
Why do we feel
And she screams
The winds of war erode our lives
The people die, the children cry
And we fall away...and we fall away, too...
(instuments enter)
Bleeding, slashed, torn
Shattered hopes
We do feel
And she screams
Our own hopes erode our lives
We all die, but none cry
For us when we fall...and we fall away, too...

Enough to die
Not enough to cry
Alone may we fall, to the reciprocity of all
And may fall you, too
And so we fall away...and I fall away, too...

Always, Always
Fell into eternity
Always, Sometimes
Fell into a pool of forever
And very far must we rise
Sometimes, maybe
Must we...
And I fall...and I fall away, too...