Lyria and Korus were ecstatically happy for months. That is until Lyria remembered that her father was dead. The purpose of the spell was to make her forget until she was better able to handle the emotional strain. Apparently now that she was a queen and married to the man of her fantasies she was better able to handle grief. She did not take to her bed as he had done before but did organize a memorial service in the royal throne room.

Finally after a few months she put her mantle of grieving away and was greeted by another bit of startling news. She was pregnant.

After hearing the news from the royal physician she tracked Korus down. He was in his dragon form on her expansive terrace.

"I have some news for you," she said as she finally reached him.

"Did you finally find our you were gravid?" he asked smiling.

"Gravid?" she asked confused.

"Yes. You are full of my eggs," he said transforming to stand as a human in front of her.

"You knew? How did you know?" she asked getting a little upset.

"Because I choose when you have younglings," he said brushing a stray lock of hair out of her face.

"Now that doesn't seem fair," she said folding her arms over her chest.

"I even get to choose how many?" he said leaning closer to her.

"What do you mean 'how many,'"? she said backing up a step and dropping her hands to her side.

"I've decided that this time you will have six to start," he said crossing his hands over his chest.

"TO START?!? SIX?!?" she said starting to yell.

"Yes, you will have to be in dragon form when you lay them and since you are pregnant that means NO MORE CORSETS!" he said smiling.

He turned away from her and walked back into her quarters. Suddenly she heard the sound of cloth ripping. She gasped and ran in after him. He was standing in her wardrobe ripping apart every corset and binding device. She stood in the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest until he was done. The whole time he ripped and tore her corsets he smiled.

He came out winded and stood in front of her. "It is my duty to see to the safety of my mate and offspring. If I catch you in a corset again I will rip apart your entire wardrobe and I will keep you in here with nothing to wear at all," he said. He groaned at the thought of keeping her in the buff and came forward to catch her lips in his. "I didn't leave you with much. You might want to get your seamstress to make you some corset-less dresses."

"What makes you think you can treat me like this. I can't take care of six babies at once," she said in dismay.

"After you lay the eggs they don't hatch for about ten years. They are born with all the knowledge and instincts they will need to feed and fend for themselves," he said taking her in his arms. "Which will leave much time for us to do other things."

"Such as," she asked with eyebrows raised.

"I wont tell you. I'll show you."