birds sing outside
beyond my window
shrill songs
piercing my brain

it's cold outside

the chill wind blows
whistling in the trees
branches tapping
on a glass pane

tap, tap. am i there?

the sun sinks down
the world goes dark
the stars come out
too dim to wish upon

too dark to care

the moon hangs low
its cold, knowing face
watching me
judging me

it hurts inside

bare bedroom walls
bare human soul
watch my hands
see how they shake

i can hide in the dark

moonlight on metal
a silent cry for help
moonlight on saline
just a silent cry

what do my insides look like?

split the living tissue
synapses firing
just press harder
pressure is pleasure

such a pretty red

my skin is cold
my lips are blue
i can not touch
i will not feel

am i breathing?

outside my window
the world is dark
inside my world
dark is the window

here i waste away