The Tempest

Walking along the streets one day, I noticed something very strange. Two clouds I saw above the horizon, I thought myself deranged.

They barreled onward, Descending upon a tower, Erected in the center of town. It was in for more than a shower.

With new curiosity, I scaled the tower high. At the top I found an open window and balcony, With a bird soon to fly.

I watched the bird go, Without a care in the world. With not a sound of fear, Beneath two eyes a-glow.

They glowed with lightning, thunder, and smog, Daring me to run. But fighting my adversity, I chose to have some."fun".

The wind is gentle now, It flutters through my hair. I am drawn further out, In the afternoon air.

The two eyes are staring at me, Looming in the sky. I wonder what wrath they have in store, For their ferocity is nigh.

The winds are getting stronger now. Is it you, Sam? You and your new love. You and your new life. Where did you go, Sam? Did you disappear into the edifices of this tower, Or are you waiting for me on the other side?

A wave of fists pelt my chest, And I am thrown to the floor. The shades tear from their banisters, And the wind closes the door.

I stand alone in the room, With two eyes staring at me. This tempest has enclosed this tower, There is nowhere left for me to flee.

My patent leather shoes, Grasp the dusty railing, For me to look the furies in the eye. All things binding me to this earth, Are absent now from this place. Why do you push me away, Sam? I scream into the chaos. Why do you torment me?

Twin thunder claps, twin lightning swords, The tempests are made one. And yet I fear nothing, As the bird who leaves nothing undone.

The glass around me shatters, And is thrown to the four winds. Here I am, Sam! I come to meet you on this day of days. My voice matches the very hurricane! I am not eccentric nor am I holy, I am that is! Now take me as I am!