Night Run

Hoofs race in the moonlight, But the pounding strikes nothing. The brush barely rustles, We are silent. Our talons hook the grooves of the wall, And we scale it with ease. Crows compliment us with their presence, As they soar over our heads. The butt of my lance finds one foe over the edge, And my fellow birds of prey, They dispatch the rest, And the moon has barely set. Then they take notice, The whole lot of them. The worthless creatures, The thieves of more than they can imagine. Fire escapes are lances, And the men in blue fall. Another inch on the map is again ours, We came like spirits out of hell. The memory was as clear, As the sunset upon stone. But as the bodies' spirits rise, They whisper, "More will come to sit on the throne." So we'll stand here, To pay our respects to a victory well won. We'll await the dawn of the next wave, Till all is left undone.