Chapter 1

Jennifer and Heather were sitting on a hill somewhere north of Toronto when they heard a whining sound coming from somewhere over their heads.  Suddenly, out of the sky, a huge silver disk landed in the dirt at the girls' feet.

"Is it a giant Frisbee?"

"No, it's a UFO, dummy!"

Jennifer has very great faith in UFOs.  With a rush of steam, and another loud whining sound, the invisible door creaked slowly open.  Ten minutes later, the tip of the door touched the green grass, and a strange green and white and flowery creature leaps out, brandishing a long stick.  It's Jessica, the magical Alpine Elf of the North.  Dressed in traditional Swiss clothing, (think a lederhosen, suspenders, and a feathered cap), with her magic alpine horn, she travels the Alps bestowing gifts upon those who feed her. 

"Jessie!!!"  Ecstatic at the elf's arrival, Jenn throws her arms around her, jumping up and down with joy.  Heather looks on, slightly puzzled by it all.  Jess whistles up her milk chocolate winged cow (full of milky goodness), then waves her hand, and puts the now pocket-sized UFO into her pocket.  Flopping down on the grass and leaving her cow to graze, she looks around at the mystified girls.

"So, what's up?"

Heather looked slightly unsure how to take this.  "Why are you here, anyway?"

"Paid vacation."

"And why are you dressed in that?"

"Uniform.  I'm a certified Alpine Elf.  I had a dream last night that I landed here around noon, so here I am.  So, what's up?"

Heather glanced furtively around.  "We can't talk here, let's find somewhere safer to talk.  I know, we can go to my house!  My brother's at his friends' house, so we won't be disturbed."/span>

So the three friends leapt on Jess's chocolate cow (after chasing after it for 15 minutes) and flew to Heather's house.  They climbed through her window, and sat down to talk.  After half an hour, the talk turned again, to why Jess was there (they've not seen each other for a year, give them a chance to catch up!) 


On the far side of the planet Mars, a sinister scientists watches the girls through his portable TW.  "I'll get them someday, MWAHAHAHAHA!"  *evil cackle*

A/N—Heather and Jenn, please establish ur characters in ur chapters.  Like who u are, stuff like that.  Sorry its so short but I couldn't do much without ur characters.  You guys decide who writes next.  Thankz!