In the year 2001, an unknown force broke thru the physical barrier of Earth, sending forth Monsters from the past. According to the records of Lodoss, these Monsters, along with their king, Viktor Sufocus, were trapped inside a vortex, for over seven-hundred years, from conflicts of the past.
Havoc wreaked all over Japan... Monsters went into a murderous rage, looking for one girl, by the name of Eriya Seruma, who was Lord Sufocus's long-lost daughter he had sent into time, so together they could rule the realms of Past and Future.
Five children banded together to conquer the Monsters. From this outcome, several hundred people were killed, and the vast town of Thaiti grew into ruins.
Luckily, the power of the first Monster Slayers gave Eriya the strength to defeat her father, driving him into oblivion.
Because they weren't needed any longer, the present Monster Slayers were wiped of their memories of the Monsters, and time was rewound to the day when the Monster Slaying all began.

This was four years ago,
and the shadow of oblivion has slowly
started it's course all over again.
All because time flows like a river...
Around and around it goes,
until someone changes its current.

New Beginning

It was a beautiful September morning in the little town of Thaiti. The Summer Break had just ended, and kids were starting to get ready for school. There was a lot of worry, because some kids had failed the exam to get into highschool, so extra studying was preformed on the night before the first day of school!
In a large house, on the corner of Castle St., lived a girl. Some of you may even know her, but those of you who aren't familiar with this girl may need an introduction. This girl was very special girl, who looked towards the positive side...most of the time, and was very determined to do her best. This girl's name was...

"Eriya! If you don't get out of bed this instant, you're going to be late!"
The sheets of the girl's bed slowly pushed back, revealing her dozy head. Her dark orange hair looked like a tornado went thru it, and her deep, red eyes were still coated with sleepiness. She yawned softly, and sighed.
"Just ten more minutes?..." she begged.
Her bedroom door swung open, and her mother, Yuki ran in, slid open Eri's closet door with a crash, and pulled out random uniform pieces. "I swear, Eri, you're going to have to get a new alarm clock, if this is going to happen every single morning."
Eri sat up in her bed and whined softly. "I don't wanna go!... I feel like I wasted my entire summer!" Yuki's reply was a white T-shirt landing on Eri's face.
After a few minutes of arguing, Eri finally got dressed, and dashed downstairs. She sped thru the kitchen, snatching a piece of toast from the table. Her brother Noa, who was reading the newspaper folded down what he was reading, and looked towards the hallway that his sister just ran into.
"Good morning!" he called to her. "Good morning, Noa!" Eri called back from the front entrance as she got her backpack.
"What are you doing here?" she asked. Noa took a sip of his coffee, and started to read his newspaper again. "Dad's driving me to work, since Kiku needed the car... She's starting her new job today." The front door opened slowly. "Oh, okay. See you when I get home then."

Eri was a very good sprinter, and had to practice everyday when she was in junior high, because she was on the track and field team. She was admired by many kids in her class, because of her athletic abilities.
She ran onto a bridge, and saw a girl with long dark blue hair that went down to her lower back ahead of her. The girl had on the same school uniform, and wore a blue cotton jacket. "Mackenzie!" Eri called out. The girl named Mackenzie turned around, and smiled warmly. Her big green eyes gleamed in the morning sunlight.
"Hello, Eri." She called back. Eri caught up to her friend, and they began walking together. "Did you ever get a hold of Timoshi?" Mackenzie asked, looking rather concerned. Eri snorted in frustration. "No," she said.

Eri blinked, and looked over at a large billboard. She walked over to it, and started reading the large font letters. "Kinah" Eri blinked, and Mackenzie walked up to her friend. "Mackenzie, what's a Kinah?" Mackenzie shrugged. "I dunno... Maybe it's a new development of homes that are going to go in near here. Those real estate companies have weird names."
Eri sighed. "Come on, we're going to be late." Mackenzie nodded, and the two girls started walking towards the school, which was another street away.

* * *

When Eri and Mackenzie got to their classroom, they found that the teacher was nowhere in sight. Some kids sat around, chatting amongst themselves, while others sat in silence nervously or read a book.
Eri found a couple free spots in the second row, and the two girls sat down, a bit unnerved. "It's not like a teacher to be late like this." Mackenzie whispered to her friend. Eri nodded. "Especially on the first day... I wonder if the teacher is printing off our time-tables, or something."

"If you ask me," came a familiar voice from the first row, "I think our teacher is new, probably not used to highschool times, like us, and is just trying to gather information, or maybe has forgotten where the class is."
A boy who was sitting in front of Eri turned around in his seat to face the two girls. He had soft, brown hair. His bangs were long, but the rest of his hair was trimmed neatly. His cold brown eyes were half closed, as if he didn't really have a care in the world.
"Timoshi!" Mackenzie growled. "Where were you this morning? The three of us were supposed to walk to school together!" Timoshi yawned softly. "Gomen... My alarm clock wasn't working again, and I had to hurry."
He looked over to Eri. "Which reminds me... Did you ever get a new alarm clock, Eriya?" Eri blushed lightly, and hid her face in her arms. "No... Mine's still on the fritz, too." Timoshi grinned. "You've had that alarm clock since grade seven, and even then it's caused you problems. When will you learn when to stop being such a pack-rat?"

Eri was about to reply when the classroom door slid open, and slowly closed shut.
"Alright, everyone, quiet down." Came a female voice. The entire class looked forward, to the front of the room to see a young woman, about the age of 22. She had long dark blue hair that went down to her lower back, and her gray eyes seemed to glitter constantly with affection. She wore clothes of a formal nature: a straight, blue skirt, a buttoned up jacket of the same colour, and her black high-heels seemed to either have been brand new, or polished recently.
She smiled at the children in the class, and started writing her name on the blackboard. "I am Kiku Seruma, but because of the strict regulations of the school board, you have to call me 'Mrs. Seruma,' 'Mrs. S.,' or just plain old 'Miss,' if you feel too lazy to say my name." A few of the kids let out a small chuckle at this joke. "Welcome to the 10th grade." Kiku grinned.

As Kiku began to do attendance, Mackenzie leaned over to Eri, who was blushing a bit. "Hey, isn't she your brother's wife?" Eri nodded. "Hai..." she groaned a bit.
"Izumi? ... Reynolds?" Kiku rhymed off her attendance sheet.
Eri slowly took out her binder from her backpack, and opened it up. "Well, let's just be thankful Mrs. Payne, our old English teacher isn't our teacher this year." She muttered.

"Seruma?" Kiku read off the sheet. She looked up, noticing Eri, buried in her binder. "Well, hello, Eri!" the young teacher smiled warmly. Eri slowly looked up, and smiled at Kiku. "H-hullo..." she blushed, rather embarrassed.
Kiku's smile grew wider. "What a coincidence! My first day of teaching, you're first day of highschool, and we're both in the same class! I hope you don't mind." Eri shook her head. "N-no, not at all!" Timoshi grinned softly. "Teacher's pet..." he teased. Eri growled. "Shut up!"

* * *

Eri and Mackenzie sat down for lunch in the large cafeteria, after a long, confusing morning. "So, how do you like highschool so far?" Mackenzie asked, smiling. Eri sighed, and pulled out a tuna-fish sandwich. "S'okay, I guess... No easier than junior high, I suppose." Mackenzie smiled at this remark.
"Hey, kiddies!" came a familiar voice.
Eri and Mackenzie looked up to see a tall 11th grade girl who had red hair that curved upward, and fall off the sides of her head, kind of like a mushroom cut. Her blue eyes started mischievously at the two girls as they smiled at her.
"Hello, Innaho." Eri smiled warmly. Innaho sat down next to Mackenzie, and grabbed an apple out of Eri's lunch bag. She tossed it into the air, and caught it, taking a bite. "Y'know, Eri," Innaho started, with her mouth full, "There's a large track field out beside the school." Eri perked up, hearing this.
Innaho smiled, and then made a quirky facial expression, and slowly got up. Eri blinked. "Are you alright?" the 11th grader nodded. "Yeah, I just remembered something that I have to do." She ruffled up Mackenzie's hair. "See ya girls later!" Mackenzie got up, as well. "I have to use the powder room... I'll be right back." Eri nodded, and with that, Mackenzie slowly made her way out of the cafeteria.

Innaho made her way down the hall, and looked around. She went around a corner, and kept walking, until she came to a door, which she immediately opened. A flight of stairs stood in front of the girl, and without hesitation she climbed the towering, steep steps, until she reached the top, where a door was. Innaho slowly opened the door, a bright light overcoming her, making her squint.
The light soon faded, the surroundings being revealed as the roof of the school. Innaho groaned softly, and just kept walking.
A couple of girls who were eating their lunches outside looked up behind them to see Innaho standing on the edge of the school's roof. They blinked, and slowly stood up, calling out to her.
Innaho slowly looked over the edge of the roof. Below was the large cement parking lot. She whimpered softly, and closed her eyes. "No... please no..." Suddenly she walked over the edge.

Eri heard a scream from outside, and looked up, noticing kids and teachers heading out the door in a hurry. She blinked, and slowly went towards the two front doors, where everyone was. "What's going on?" she asked Timoshi, who was trying to see. "I'm not sure... I just got here, but it seems pretty serious." He said. They both shoved thru kids, and finally got outside.
There was a large amount of staff and students gathered around someone. Some kids were in awe, the two girls that were initially outside were sobbing, telling a teacher what had happened. Eri heard a teacher yell for someone to call the hospital.

Some kids shoved past Eri and Tim, to get into the school, leaving an opening for the two kids to see who had been hurt.

* * *

Eri lay in her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She still couldn't believe that one of her friends was Dead! She looked over to her night-table, and picked up a framed picture of her, Mackenzie and Timoshi huddling together, smiling excitedly, wearing navy blue gowns, and matching mortarboards. She gazed at the picture of the graduation of grade nine, and closed her eyes, holding it close to her chest, happy to know that her other friends were safe.
Because of Innaho's death, school was let out for the rest of the day, and Eri had been crying from the moment she got to her room.
The poor girl rolled onto her side, and sighed. She struggled to get some rest, but something kept nagging at her. Something wasn't right at all.
"They'recomingtogetyou!!" a raspy, echoing voice screamed at her.
Eri's eyes shot open to see Kiku standing over her. "Oh, I'm sorry, Eri.. Did I scare you?" Eri squinted a bit, and slowly sat up. "No... did you say something to me?" Kiku nodded. "I asked you if you wanted dinner." Eri looked over at her alarm clock, which said 7:15. "Uh... Yeah, sure." Eri answered, rubbing her head.
Kiku sat down next to the tired girl, and stroked her hair gently. "You alright?, I mean, if me being your teacher is troubling you I can have you transferred." Eri shook her head quickly. "No way! Kiku, you're one of the few people who actually takes me seriously, and I enjoy being in your class!" Kiku smiled warmly at this, and slowly got up, and walked out the door.
She grinned at Eri a bit. "Just to update you, Eriya... someone else must seem to take you seriously, as well." Eri blinked. "What? Who?" Kiku leaned against the frame of the doorway. "Timoshi... I caught him glancing at you a couple times when you were out of your seat." Eri laughed. "Bull shit! Timoshi was probably looking at me because I had paper stuck to my butt or something...Besides, we're like, best friends, nothing more."
Kiku laughed a bit. "Yes, but I know a lot of people who fell in love with their best friends, and now are married." she winked. "See you at dinner, kiddo." and with that, she walked down the hall.
Eri fell back on her bed, and closed her eyes once more, deciding to get more sleep before dinner.

"I feel so sorry for Innaho's family... but something doesn't seem right at all! Innaho was never suicidal!"