Lost Town

Deep below the roaring ocean,
Mourning over sunken love,
Where you don't feel sound or motion
From the thunderstorms above
Where just coldness will prevail
Lies the ancient town of Shai'll

Once a living, golden garden:
Children cheering, playing sweet
There where faces never harden:
Maid with flowers on her feet
All of this should soon be gone
With the old book of Eibon

See the monk, he's tumbling, dying
Heading to the northern gate
Hear the little children crying
As they see his gruesome fate
And a book fell off his grasp
When he took his final gasp.

Healers soon swore in a meeting
That his bones were crushed by force
Every limb by reckless beating
Broken, torn without remorse
No one knew how he could get
To their town as hurt as that



Ok, this is just the beginning of a longer poem. I started to write it in summer 2002 and I have problems with finishing it. I really LOVE the beginnig and somehow I'm afrait it can only get worse if I continue. So...I hope it helps me to know that there are people waiting for me to carry on. And you are welcome to help me with my endless struggle to find better words ;-)