take the sevenplex colors of the white
and the thirty-seven colors of the black
steal them from the skies and
braid them into cords and
weave them in a tapestry of sighs and swords
and shred it.
light the tatters with sparks
from the gnashing of teeth and
breathe in the prismatic grey smokes.
then, if you still have mouth and tongue
sing to me with breathless breath,
with voice gone dumb,
with pounding breast.
sing to me of love and death
and blind me.
with newfound purpose, take me and -
and shackle my wrist to yours!
in heart-red chains!
and give to me
the kaleidoscope bridge of the heavens
but so very
small and
round and
wrap it round my finger and
kiss me, savage,
for then we two can die together.