~ Leaving ~

Looking at me,tears in your eyes
silenty you try to understand
but for me it was no surprise
that our relationship would end

Saying goodbye with tears
that make their way down your face
as soft as a gentle kiss and still
we both know it´s the only way

You come closer, trying to reach out to me
and I try so hard to resist ..it´s hard
´No you have to go` I say
but it doesn´t stop you to come even closer

I feel the heat of your body near mine
I want to cry ...damn why
why do you have to make it so hard
´Goooo, just go` I scream at you

I see my tears reflecting in your eyes
another tear rolls down my cheek
and lands on your thumb
as you gently wipe my tears away

´Please`I hardly whisper to you
as you lean closer and closer
your lips gently claim mine
and I feel this is a goodbye

You whisper words of love in my ear
as you even deepen the kiss
and I know you mean them
but you have to go...there´s no chance

And then you turn and go
not turning around
out of my life