Wow, I can't believe I found this thing after so many years! My old diary… So much time has passed. I wouldn't know where to start.
Well, maybe I should explain that I found you, my diary, at the bottom of a box in the attic of the house I share with Jessica. Yes, we're still together. Actually, we're married. How do you like that? Never really fully saw myself married to my love back when I was still a kid, I don't think. Now that I'm a grown woman of 26, those innocent days long ago seem like only a fading memory. Maybe it's because the rest of forever really is almost harder than high school. The real world has varying degrees of forgiveness… But anyway, that's not important. What is important is my life, the life I share with Jessica, and the lives of everyone I've come to know over time.
Anyway, more about me (not too narcissistic, huh? ^_^): would you believe I'm a writer? Big shock, I know. I've written three novels since escaping high school, two of which being romance novels not siding with the norm of heterosexuality, and one is a fantasy novel. I also published a book of poems, which included Symmetry Lovers. I've gotten rave reviews for all my works (if not publicly, due to content, then by enthusiastic fan mail, which I always reply to). Jessica's tried doing some writing, though she admits it's not her cup of tea, so to speak. She likes doing her computer programming, and we're all fine with that. What I think's most important about our lives is a certain someone who lives with us: I'm talking about our daughter, Marie. No, science has not come up with an interesting way for us to become pregnant on our own, though I wish it would. We adopted her two years ago, and already she's sprouted up to be six years old. She's very smart and completely adorable. Everybody loves her, and with the incredible way she's been drawing, we think she'll be a famous artist when she grows up. We completely love our little Marie.
Great things have happened to our friends of old. For example, Kathryn's dream of creating awareness and support for non-heterosexuals has grown beyond the pizza parties and small-time school meetings in secret. The Difference Group is now a large, non-profit organization implementing the same sort of group meetings we had before, now in dozens of schools around the country. No more secrecy: we've left the shadows and are declaring our being different with pride. Along with being a more open organization, the ideals of the group have spread even farther outward, causing many sex ed. classes to talk about non-heterosexuality better than we ever learned in high school, and it really seems to be helping. Y' wanna know the best part about all this? I'm a teacher for one of the Difference Groups! Yes, it's unbelievable! Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I go to the high school just in town here, and I teach and sponsor the Difference Group within the school. Everybody seems to like me, though I fear one of my students may be liking me a little too much, though he is a charming boy. Anyway, we're really helping a lot of these kids, and I've really gained a strong affinity to one of my kids, Sylvia, who's in a situation similar to the one I had before becoming involved with Jessica. She's come to accept the fact that she's bisexual, even though she doesn't exactly like it, but now she's trying to gain the courage to express her feelings to the girl she loves, Melissa. I've already found out on my own that Melissa's a lesbian, and that she also has feelings for Sylvia, but now it's just the matter of giving them both the courage to come out and tell each other how they feel.
Kathryn, I might add, hasn't really had the best relationships these past many years, but the woman she's with now, Dana, seems really nice, and I think they'll be good together.
Guess who turned out to be living in the same neighborhood we moved to after getting married? Ms. Stroyar! Okay, so we are all adults now and she's not our teacher, but it's hard to get used to calling her Helen. Anyway, she's still teaching strong. What's most important about right now is the fact that she married a charming, funny, damn-hot Japanese woman named Arisu, and she loves anime almost as much as we do! We've had plenty of anime discussions and anime movie parties. She's a very amiable woman.
My sister Mary has had her ups and downs in life. She's been married and divorced, but now she's dating this great new guy, Mark. Well, Mary hasn't had the best life. She's been dealing with her sexuality and lack of good judgment at times, but I've always been here for her when she needs me.
I know I've never really talked about Jessica's little brother, Mikey, much, but there is a little joke with him. Since growing up with a lesbian sister and her bisexual lover, he's completely compassionate for all sexualities and most everyone regardless of anything, really. What's funny is that whenever the three of us are all together, Mikey jokingly complains about Jessica getting me before he could, how if he were just a few years older he'd of been chasing after me. He's so cute sometimes, and I can't help but tease him with little kisses on the cheek.
Danielle and I are still good friends. I finally convinced her to become a teacher with the Difference Group, and she and Jessica and I have all had our little girls' nights out every once in a while. It almost seems like she's become decidedly celibate.
One last thing about the Difference Group: most all of us that were in the group during our time in high school, have tried to keep in touch over the years through e-mail, making general statements about our lives, and some staying closer than others. I'm sorry to say that not everyone has stayed together, considering our sexuality's bad streak of relationship breakups. However, some couples have managed to stick together over the years, and there have been some marriages/eloping. All in all, at least a little heartwarming.
Finally, Jessica and I have spent a good many happy years together, and a good deal more are sure to come. Our love is strong enough to defy all bounds and prejudice. We wouldn't have it any other way. …She just walked into the bedroom from putting Marie to bed, all smiles seeing me laying here, smiling, open to her… I think I have to get going now. Maybe I'll publish you someday, my diary, for the world needs stories like this, proof that love can conquer all, even when analyzed so thoroughly by logic like it was done here. Even love under logic can purify the world… The lights dim in the bedroom, and I say to the world, farewell, goodnight.

Blissful sunrises
Wait for us out there
A cold world
Sits behind us
Together we stand
On the edge of humanity
This journey
We make together
A voyage
Through life waiting for us
Pass between us
Kisses as well
This new world
Waits for us
The horizon
Seems bright
As long as
We stick together
My hand will
Stay in yours
As we walk
Into the

~"Into The Horizon" by Alice Hearting

The End

AN: At last, the first draft of the project is completed. Quite a ride, I'd say. Definitely one of my favorite works I've written. Now that the last entry has been written, I'd like to give out "thank you awards" to my reviewers:

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For everyone that's really grown to love this story, I have a surprise for you: within the next month or so, I will write and complete a condensed, third-person, not-so-short story version of Love Under Logic, as well as another chapter in what I call "Serial Outtakes!", meaning I'll write outtakes for the Love Under Logic universe here, which should be amusing if I can remember how to write good humor. ^_^
Now that I've reached the total end here, I'd like to ask my typical questions for reviewers. Was this final entry in the future good and appropriate, or should I have just stopped when Jessica and Alice got back together last entry? Was the end poem appropriate (For all my large works, I always end with a poem bringing everything together, written by one of the characters. This poem is a romantic remake of a poem I wrote for my friend, Lenore, and I'm not sure if it's good enough, so please tell me.)? Does the end entry need a little or a lot more content? Should I publish this (after extensive editing, of course)? If I publish it on its own and not in a compilation of short stories and/or poems, should I drop the "Thought Experiments" title? Should I drop all the real world references, like Duvet and Two Weeks Notice and such, even though all of those were put in purposely? Should I drop the year from every entry? ...I think that's it. If I come up with anything else, I'll include it in the posted revision. Finally, after everything else, I'd like to give one more great big thanks to everyone that read this far and stuck with me. Thank you extra special very much!!! ^_^