The masked four on the stage summoned the music from their devices

An axe in the woman's hand screamed as she stroked the cords

And she sung:

"Would it be so wrong for me to stand before the gates of God,

And tell him that I believed that his children were wrong?"

The White Lion joined the Black Panther

Playing her bass with calm fluid movements

The Spiked Bobcat beat the drums the tempo rising into a dizzying rage

She and he sang:

"Why'd your children go about it so badly!?

Why'd they end the lives to sadly!?

Hey, hey, you up there!

Listen to the meek swear/their grief!

Our peoples hospitality

Was returned with brutality!


I've never understood

How your children just could

Carry out such acts in your name!?"

The Red Leopard's fingers flew across the keys as he played,

The White Lion leaned up against the guitarist's back

Strumming her instrument

And she sang:

"Animals were we!

God! How could you let this be?

They could never

They could never

They could never see-

That our blood was like their own!

We wished we were all.



We wish your children were:


Heads dipped and hips swung as the two vocalists danced around one another

The Black Panther stomped her feet down and lifted her voice to the lights

"Defiance! Where they afraid!?

What did your son say before the children?

The meek would inherit the Earth?

Who was the meek?

Tell me!

Who was the meek?

Why'd our people have to die in your name?!"

The four voices called to the heavens as the electronic reverberation echoed in the air

"Just because they couldn't feed their heads

And couldn't see beyond the colors!!

We wish they were all



The guitars screeched to a stop as the last notes fell upon deaf ears.

"We wish we were all colorblind

So that the past had open minds..."


Steal this and I'll eat your firstborn. Or I'll hunt you down with a brick....either way, someone gets hurt...