Should Anything Happen To Me…

© 15 February 2000

A short story by Ileandra Young

Just a note.

I have decided to start my diary again. I miss having someone to talk to when things go wrong. Plus it also gives me something to look back on. I like looking back. There are so many good things for me to look back on.

Plus should anything happen to me, it is the best way, I believe, to make sure that people know just how good my life is. I don't want anyone to be sad for me. I'm a fighter, a tough one to get rid of. If I were to go anywhere it would be because it was the best thing for me and I wanted to. Well, not so much 'wanted to' but if I believed it would be better for everyone involved.

This is important - maybe I should put it in my will – read my diary should anything happen to me. Oh well, here it goes…