A/N: About a girl in the early 1900's. Kind of a Cinderella story.

The girl wandered down the empty hallway, her imagination the only thing she was paying attention to. In her mind, she wore a soft blue evening gown with elbow-length sleeves and long white gloves, her brown hair swept up into a tight bun, crystal diamond earrings hanging from her ears. A handsome young man in a tuxedo approaches her, asking to dance with her. She gracefully accepts, and he takes her hand and leads her into the grand ballroom, where nothing but the lights occupy the room. The sound of voices takes her out of her dream-like state, and she came back to the present. Instead of a grand dress, she wore the black robes of a scholar. The only person who would never leave the profession of teaching. Her father had placed her in the care of the University of Colorado, fifteen years ago. He had gone across the sea to Britain to work as a brick-layer with other immigrants, and he had left her with a friend of his, who taught at the University, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The only way he could pay his friend back was by promising that his daughter would devote her life to teaching children. Her father's friend was Professor Gregory Ballashim, instructor of Psychology. What intelligent man would leave his daughter with a pyschologist? Only a man who was desperate. Down the hall came her instructor, Doctor Reginald Forrest, and his son, Junior Professor Jorien Forrest, the son of the smartest man she had ever met. She stopped in her tracks and entered one of the empty rooms in the hall. When a student is caught wandering the halls this late at night, it usually means he has been out partying; something she would never do. She decided that as they walked by, she would fall into step with them, and pretend to need to ask the Doctor a question. But, as they got closer, their conversation intrigued her. They were talking about her!
"But, father, she is very intelligent for a girl of seventeen! Surely, you could do something to influence the board's decision?"Jorien demanded.
"No son, I'm afraid that I can't. We must wait until she has finished all of her studies here! The board is against the idea of having Joanne teach classes now." He replied.
Joanne leaned back against the wall, shocked. Her, a teacher? She had just turned seventeen and had atleast three more years of studying before she could begin teaching, let alone be an instructor! The men were now well past her, their voices barely audible. She quickly ducked underneath the doorway and ran back to her room as quickly as possible.


"Joanne, what are you doing?" Her instructor inquired. She looked up from the papers she had been sorting through.
"Oh, I'm sorting through my papers, sir. I'm looking for something I was working on."
Doctor Reginald laughed and asked, "What paper? I do remember that you have already given me your latest essay."
She looked up at him and smiled.
"It's a diary that I am working on, sir. Just something to do in my spare time." She replied. He nodded his head in approval and left her alone. She fingered through the last of the papers in the stack, looking for her story. "Hm, that's funny. I thought it was there." She murmured. Her hand flew to her mouth. She quickly ran out of the classroom and up down three sets of stairs to the University lawn. She scanned the lawn, and not seeing whoh she was looking for, she walked to her car and quickly got in. She fumbled her pocket for the key, found it and inserted it into the slot and turned it, starting the car. She quickly checked behind the car for anyone, and not seeing any, backed up and sped out of the parking lot.

It was about five minutes before she reached the small house in which she shared with Professor Ballashim and his daughter, Mariah. She dashed up the stairs to her room. She stood in the doorway and scanned the room. There was the dresser with the freshly-picked roses on it, her bed with its blue gingham coverlet folded neatly at the foot of the bed, and finally, her writing desk with its one drawer, where she kept her diary. She removed the key from its hiding spot in the top dresser drawer and opened the drawer. It was gone. She sank down in the chair, despair coming over her. If Mariah had taken it, she would never get it back and she would soon be the laughing stock of the entire female population at the University. Where did this idea come from, you say? The diary was supposed to be a secret and it contained her entire life's feelings, ideas and and thoughts. And soon, if not already, Professor Ballashim would know about it and want to talk to her about it. She had been rebellious about her fathers wish ever since she was fourteen, and she had written that rebellion into her diary. The Professor was like a second father to her, but he never seemed to understand the fact that she didn't want to be cooped up in a cage. And indeed she would be shut awat from the rest of the world, because her father had asked that she never be allowed to associate with anyone who did not attend the University, but what he meant when he said it was that he did not want his daughter falling in love with the wrong man. Of course, that was practically impossible, because most girls did not 'date' until they were twenty, but when she reached that age, she would be an instructor, and it would be considered innappropriate if she were to be anything but friends with any of the male students at the University. At the sound of footsteps, her head snapped up and she quickly got out of the chair and opened her door.
"Joanne, are you in here?" She heard a voice call. It was Jorien. She breathed a sigh of relief and let her hand fall from the door handle.
"Yes, I am in my room." She replied. He was walking slightly stooped because the attic ceiling was not very tall, and his six-foot four frame made it hard for him to walk. He was now close enough to her that she could see him clearly in the little bit of light in the attic. She felt very small next to the man who was atleast a foot taller than she. She noticed that his dark hair was slightly ruffled, as if he had been out in the wind.
"Did you run all the way here from the University?" She inquired, her soft voice breaking the silence.
"Yes, I did. Father wishes to speak with you." Jorien replied, sounding as if he was searching for words. Joanne sighed, and replied,
"I knew it. Well, lets drive back to the University and he can talk to me there."

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