"Gregory, I promise that I won't do anything insensible! I can take care of myself, I assure you!" She protested, slinging a bag over her shoulder. A few of her friends had come by to say their last good-byes, and the last two stragglers were Jorien and William. Jorien looked unhappy, but the shock was extremely visible on William's face.
"Please believe me, Gregory. I will only be gone for six weeks! Besides, I'm sure my father is a very capable person." She argued, waving away his questions. Jorien smiled slightly at her last statement, but it quickly turned into a frown as Joanne turned the door handle and opened the door. "Don't worry, Jorien, time will fly and soon, I will be back studying with you!" She said, trying to speak lightly, but deep inside, she was feeling as miserable as he looked. When she had received a letter from her father asking that she come stay in London for a few weeks, she had felt the same way as she did now. She waved and stepped out onto the old wooden porch and stopped. Standing there was a tall, strong-looking policeman. She closed the door quickly and let her hand fall to her side. "May I help you, sir?" She inquired, nervously rubbing the toe of her shoe against the porch.
"I am looking for this man. Have you seen him?" The man in the dark blue suit inquired. He was holding a black and white picture of a handsome man, his face very familiar. She was shocked to find herself answering, "Yes, sir, I have. May I ask as to why you are looking for him?" She kicked herself mentally for what she had just said.
"He has been missing for over two months now, and his family is desperate to find him." The officer replied, his face stern and unchanging.
"I..That is..." She stuttered, feeling her face go red.
"Yes, his parents have been searching for him for weeks, and his fiance' has been worried sick. Can you help me locate him?" He replied, annoyed at this young woman who was taking up his time.
"He's just inside. I'll let you in." She replied, her face white. She opened the white and gold door and stepped aside to let him in.
"William, there's someone here to see you." She stated, calling his attention. He turned quickly, the collar of his black shirt fluttering.
"Sir, I am Sergeant Brent Jaguar, and I have been sent to take you to police headquarters, where your family will be alerted of your presence." The officer stated bluntly. Shock registered on William's face and he gave Joanne and inquisitive look. She shrugged and stepped over to his side.
"I'm afraid I don't understand, officer. I wasn't aware-" He started, but was cut off by the officer.
"I know. One of the civilians I questioned said that she had seen you in the car crash and that it looked like you had no memory of anything."
The officer brushed a hand over his dark blue shirt, smoothing away an imaginary wrinkle.
"Please, Mister Gaeton, your fiancee' and your family are waiting anxiously for you." He stated impatiently. William's jaw dropped slightly, but he nodded and followed the officer out to his car, but before he closed the door, he mouthed, "I'll come back soon."

"Gregory, my boat is leaving in twenty minutes! I have to go now." She stated impatiently. She was hoping to catch a cab to the police station before she left, but if Gregory kept stalling her, she wouldn't even be at the dock on time! Gregory smiled apologetically and hugged her one last time, then stepped aside. Jorien was standing by the stairs, his hands in the pockets of his jeans.
"Are you going to come over here and hug me before you go?" He inquired, smiling. She stepped forward to hug him, and he wrapped his arms around her, then let go. The action was short, like a hug from a brother. He smiled and flicked a strand of her hair.
"Good luck, kid." He said, winking. "Maybe I'll come see you after my training."
She nodded and stepped out the door, closing it quietly. She glanced down at her watch, and realizing how late it was getting, ran down the steps to hail a taxi.

She did not have to wait long to see a taxi. "Taxi!" She called, waving her hand. It drove over to her and she opened the door and sat down on the brown seat. "Take me to the police station, please." He drove to the station quickly, and Joanne was glad she had buckled her seatbelt, because the man was driving atleast seventy miles an hour, instead of forty-five. The car came to a careening stop and she released the front seat from her death grip. She paid the driver and asked him to wait for her.

The station was brightly lit and she had no problem finding the room where William was. She paused at the doorway, watching as William was being reacquainted with his family and relatives. She smiled as children, whom she assumed were his siblings, launched themselves on him, clinging to his clothes, his arms and his neck. Watching one young girl swing as she held his pant leg made her laugh, and it caught William's attention. He turned his head in her direction and smiled when he saw her. He put the three children on the floor and started to walk toward her. An older woman, who was most probably his mother, gave her son a strange look, but said nothing. He stepped around boxes and chairs that littered the floor, nearly tripping over a chair in his hurried attempt to reach her.
"Hi, William." She said, after a moment of silence. He smiled and stepped back slightly.
"Hello, Joanne. Actually, it's Dave now. David Gaeton, owner of Gaeton Furniture, at your service, ma'am." He drawled, mock bowing. Joanne laughed, brushing a lock of dark hair out of her face at the same time.
"Joanne, don't you have to be at the dock at six-thirty?" David inquired, checking his watch. Joanne looked down at her watch, realizing how late it was.
"Oh, and it takes nearly fifteen minutes to get to the dock from here! I'll never make it in time!" She moaned. David leaned against the white wall, glancing over at his family occasionally. "Well, I'll see you later." He said, sticking his hand out. She took it and shook it firmly before running out of the room.


The boat dock was crowded, and smelled of fish. She ran through the sea of people, hoping to get to her boat on time. A bell rang, calling out the departure of a ship. She hoped it wasn't hers. She saw a crewman dressed in a navy blue suit sporting the insignia of her boat, the "Wayfarer" .
"Sir, when does yout leave?" She inquired hastily, holding her hair with one hand. He looked up, as if he had been staring into space.
"It leaves in two minutes, miss. I was just going to get onboard." He replied with a sharp British accent.
"Thanks." She said, and hurried to get onboard. Unbeknownst to Joanne, she was being followed. A man, dressed in black, stepped out from the shadow of a building, quickly walking to the boat.

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