F u C k Y o U

Guess what?
you never took a chance
never learned to dance
never made a mistake
never knew you were a fake
Guess what? i don't wanna be like you
Guess what? nothing about you is true
Guess what? i don't wanna see you around
Guess what? tried to beat our ideals into the ground
drop the mask, the party's over
one last chance - hope your sober
make your choice, choose your friends
become one of us and make ammends
or stay one of them and for the rest of your life
never know the truth, never see the light
F u C k Y o U

A/n: so what is it's a little rough? and so what if it doesn't make sense?! that's not necessarily a bad thing! ^_^;; yeah, so let me know what you think. thanks.

Shattered Snow