A/N: these are fragments of poems/lyrics that i just never got around to really working on. so um...yeah.

Tidbits of...stuff.

take me
break me
make me something real
take my heart in your hands
teach me how to feel
break though my defenses
shatter all the bands
that would hold me down
tie me to these dying lands

i hate this feeling
i hate you
i hate this neverending cycle that we're going though
friends to lovers, enemies to friends
friends to lovers, then back again
i hope and hate, then cry and wait
wishing for a sign
tear your letters to pieces
erase them from my mind

little - miss - so - perfect took your heart from me
little - miss - not - so - perfect is all she turned out to be
she was as pretty as sin
soul of stone, heart of ice
her gaze froze the damned north wind
her touch would make the devil cry

Prince Fucking Charming
where's your princess now?
time to leave your faerietale
is it really that hard to figure out?
she found bigger fish to fry
richer cats to skin
no matter what we told you
you were so sure you could win

with the tears of an angel
with the eyes of a god
with hands like the devil's
he goes by the name of love

A/N: ...no wonder i never finishes them...they're all about love. *shudders* yeah - not something i'm to terribly fond of. but if you have any comments - good or bad - then please review. k?

Shattered Snow