The group finally got to get on stage. Stewey, Naomi, Ronnie, Andy, Stevey, and Eddy were anxious to tell their story. Stevey being the narrator waited for the judges to be ready. Once the judges gave their signals to begin Stevey started the story. "The bi-weekly hippie meeting was finally over! Shaggy, Kurt, Obadiah, and Linda all come out jovially. They had just decided their trip, once again, was going camping in the great out doors. Once they got all packed up, they set out on their power conserving, non-exhaust cars also known as bikes. As soon as the hippies got to the end of the road, they stopped and emptied the hiking packs out off of the bikes. Then they started toward the predetermined area. Once the hippies got to the naturally cleared area they hastily put up their tents. When they were all done pitching their tents the head hippie or shaggy, who had almost abnormal amounts of body hair, decided they should go on a hike. Linda replied, "Yes, but I think we should put the fake wood logs in the fire pit and pack some trail mix." Shaggy, Obadiah, and Kurt looked at each other shrugged and went with it. After packing the nutritional all natural trail mix, setting the fake wood logs in the pit, and putting on their hiking sandals, they were off. After a couple miles of extravagant trees, glistening steams, and some friendly creatures, they stopped for a rest. When they pulled out their trail mix they heard some funny little noises, so they decided to check them out. The noise was coming from over a little hill so they all hiked the little hill and to their astonishment hundreds of little elves were busy at work. Once they saw the hippies thought they stopped and stared. "Okay okay back to work, these mushrooms need to go." Said the master builder elf named Fidonicus. The hippies were taken back by what the elf had said. These mushrooms were harmless wild life. Of course one time Kurt ate that type of mushroom ad it made him hallucinate for the rest of the night, but they were still harmless. Shaggy went up to Fidonicus and asked why he was cutting down the harmless mushrooms. The elf proudly replied, "We are going to build a mall here and over yonder we are going to make a toilet paper factory, would you like to be my business partner?" The hippies looked each other as if the world was coming to an end. "I can not do that, sorry, I can not take money from destroying the earth and building things for business." Fidonicus stroking his beard and thinking said, "Suit yourself then I will find another business partner." The hippies were still in shock over these elves cutting down all the mushrooms, so Obadiah stopped the elf and said, "Wait I think you should stop cutting down these innocent mushrooms." The elves all turned and looked at him in amazement. No one had every stood up the elves master builder! This made Fidonicus very angry. He turned an unusual color of purple. "Would you like to fight me for that belief?" Fidonicus blurted out angered. "I am a pacifist, I do not fight with anything," Obadiah replied calmly. Fidonicus simmered down and started to speak somewhat calmly, "Well us elves have a story that gets told very often around these parts. I would like to tell you this story." As he said this al the elves quietly sat down and listened intently. Fidonicus began the story, "There once was a colony of Faeries that lived to the west of here. The Faeries were a peaceful tribe, and most everyone liked them, most everyone except the Goblins. The goblins were jealous of the faeries hemp. Now this was no ordinary hemp this hemp was magical, it could braid itself! The goblins gave the faeries two choices. One, give them all of the magical hemp, or two, fight them. Well the faeries being peaceful and stating how rude the goblins were being decided they would not give the goblins the hemp, and would not fight them either. So the goblins being very angered by this decided to attack the faeries. The faeries could do nothing but run so they ran out of their homes while the goblins destroyed the town. The goblins got the magical hemp and lived making many things from it. The forest now is in fear of the goblins and will do most of what they say. The goblins live in luxury, while everyone else lives in fear." The elves were all watching Fidonicus intently. The hippies were taken back by what the story might have meant was going to happen. Just at that moment Linda spoke up, "That story reminds me of a story that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family." As Linda cleared her throat the elves all turned there head and stared at her fixedly. Linda looked around surprised by how many eyes were on her as she started, "One fall before winter starting setting in a tribe of squirrels were collecting nuts for hibernation. When the tallyman noticed that the stock of nuts was disappearing. One night the tallyman decided to stay up and see what was happening to all the nuts. He stayed up all night to find that the lemurs were coming in and taking their nuts! When the tallyman told the king he sent a message to the emperor of the lemurs and requested an immediate conference. When the king and emperor met, the tallyman told the emperor what was happening. The emperor was so embarrassed she asked what they could do. The king said, "Obviously your lemurs want nuts so how about you trade some of your raisins with some of our nuts?" The emperor loved this idea! So the emperor and the king signed an agreement to trade when they could nuts with raisins. Everyone got along from then on and lived happily." The elves loved the story they thought it was wonderful how everyone got along in the end. Some elves were crying with joy some were clapping, and some you could not tell exactly what they were doing. The hippies were over joyed with the way the elves loved Linda's story. Kurt looked over at Fidonicus and said "It looks like you have two choices One, try and fight us and anger you people and have them go against you or two, we can compromise on what you are doing." Fidonicus looked around just about everyone was giving him evil glares and growling at him. Fidonicus looking unhappy with what he was saying spoke up, "Okay if I want to cut down these mushrooms and you do not want me to what should we do?" Shaggy chimed in. "You can either build the mall and toilet paper factory in another area, or dig up the mushrooms and plant them in another area." Fidonicus not looking happy with either situation looked up at Shaggy and replied "I guess we will plant them in another area." The hippies were over joyed and decided to inscribe it and make the document sealed with each person's signature. Once it was done Shaggy said they would come back in a week to see how things were going and if you followed the plan. All the hippies decided that they should go back to their camping site and start the fire since it was starting to get dark. Once the hippies got back to the campsite and the fire was started Linda and Kurt got out their bongos and kazoo, as Obadiah and Shaggy got out their guitar and banjo and started to sing around the fire. When it was time for them to go to bed they all felt like they had made the earth a little happier and slept with big grins on their faces." The audience clapped when they were finished. They thought they all had done very well at the performance. Now it was only a matter of time to know what place they had gotten.