it was then that man
who clung to the snakey
river and in the wide cup
of my own river, he

dropped down into the
place where the sun erupted
from each morning, before
the clocks began to work,

before the river opened its
wide eye and saw with much
sadness it looked like
a snake, and snakes lived

within its brown waters.
it was then that man, who
turned from the river to
the sea and said to me as he

turned "all water is the same"
and he did not have blue
eyes and he did survive all
the same his eyes were

a green like the forest, and
not at all like the river. he
came to the many-eyed land
and swam in the wide sea

that was not saddened at
all for it resembled nothing
and fed many well-lit rivers
that resembled nothing at all.

and he came home
without one lie to be
told without blue eyes
without a tallness like snakey rivers