Darkness Surrendered

As I stand in the dark with nothing to gain

My mind is left only to remember the pain

That follows my steps once I have gone.

No longer can I hold to the truth I lived on.

No longer can I live the life I led.

Through everything that I have said

The pain I caused is strong.

Whether I live or die I long

To be like everyone else I see

But that dream is not for me.

I am left wandering alone

Down the long and silent path of stone.

What will become of my life?

Will it be only a struggle and strife?

Malice? Pain? Love? Hate?

It is always as one will state

"Life is what you make it"

They only needed strength and wit

To make it to the end.

For me, I may have to cheat and bend

What others say and do

To make it all ring true…


I surrender

To the darkness untold.

I surrender

To the light so bold.

I surrender

To the love I can't hold.

I surrender

To the death I was sold.

I surrender

To the sickening truth around

I surrender

To the darkness so I know I won't be found…


Weathered, beaten and old

I fell so far down the tunnel untold.

How will I return to the land above?

If I long to surrender to the truth below.

Read between the lines and let your heart soar as a dove

With unbridled hopes and dreams to let grow.

Love untold, life to behold I long to live a life

That is more than trouble, betrayal and strife.

Darkness so deep you feel you won't live

Through all that is put in your way.

There must be only things that are positive

Maybe that will make me change and stay.

True to your heart

That is how it all takes a start.


Poems of old

With a dark truth to behold.

What will a traveler see?

Only one person knows and that's me.

I hold the secrets to the words I have said

The darkness is the one who led

Me to where I am today.

What more can I say?

Open the book

And dare to take a look…


Watching the glass and the rain

Everyone has something to gain.

With the bright rays of the sun

All that was said is now done.

Coursing through the miles and miles

One will come across many smiles.

Always one will see

What things could be…


In the silver light of the moon

All your dreams and desires will be true soon.

What does your heart say tonight?

Maybe you need to open up and let in light.

I will always be around and always be true

Whether in good weather or when you are blue.

My heart tells me one thing today.

And it is three little words to say.

I love you.


Angel wings and bees that sting

This is the world we live in.

Darkness long and light strong

Adam left us all his sin.

Live and die shirt and tie

Trust, love, hope, and endure the long days.

Fade Into Forgotten

Day in and day out

I tend to wonder what will happen

Once I leave and fade into forgotten.

No tales will follow my steps.

Legend and myth will follow others not me.

Time and fate have been kind sometimes.

Never have I been in too deep.

Yet I have not had it easy either.

Toil and trouble follow my moves

To the end of my dying day.

Fade into forgotten I long to do

However such a task is not to be true.


Shattered dreams upon the floor

Like glass broken from a slammed door.

You reap what you sow

That is all you know.

Reach past your fears, hates and wants

You will only end up in knots.

The skies the limit they say

We'll prove them wrong someday.

Don't let it be true

Don't stay hidden in the blue.

Your goals are your own

You alone set the tone.

Before it all an end

Let us just pretend;

Nothing is wrong and all is well

Be that bright shining bell

That calls everyone

To stop; don't let it weigh a ton.

Friends are there because they care

So get back up on that mare.

Forget the worries, stress and be who you are.

Not covered with feathers and tar.