Hold My Hand

Last night was the last time

I'll ever feel alone

To stand within a world

With it's masks all etched in stone

It's the last time that I'll stand aside

The last time that I'll cry

The last time that I get caught up

In society's great sigh

Nevermore will I bend

It was the last night that I'll hate

I will no longer conform my life

To someone else's fate

For it was last night

That I looked into your eyes

You held me against the current

And kissed away the lies

Until last night my faith in love

Died silent in the night

You held my hand and gave me hope

That love might still hold light

I fear the moment I wake up

To find it's all a dream

To loose your strength around me

And to hear life's silent scream

Until that day hold strong

Let not my heart be prone

For last night was the last time

I'll ever be alone.