Half an Half,

The sun before me,

The moon behind,

Between two fates I stand.

Dark and Light,

Day and Night,

I latch onto death's hand.

Death exepts me,

Life relinquishes me,

My heart begat the truth.

Between two choices,

How can I choose,

Keeper of eld or Saver of youth.

Wich one shall I be slave to,

To Truth or to Lies?

My soul is torn

Eld or Youth,

Planter or Reaper,

My will is worn.

I hear each side,

Speak truth,

Speak lie.

Half and half,

Choose must I one path,

If refused my soul will die.

~ Kat Reverie.

where did this come from? my mind when i had read to many KH fanfics trying to get the plot then verily opped in my mind and then the ic of her between the moon and the sun. i'm wierd.