Never can take things back....

It's been done, can't be undone


Palindromes are reversible, yet time is not,

Turn back the clock! Turn it back!Turn around!

You can't, and what not...

Let the tears fall black..

It's not the dreams you saught

What is a face?

Beauty? A mask?..What something really is?..

Or appears to be?

What does one make of this?


/It all goes by so fast/

A flurried blur..

To think that today, will be tomorrow's past

/Yesterday was 'today,/

/Today's going to be yesterday/

/Today was tomorrow, and tomorrow will be today/

/And then tomorrow will be yesterday/

That is time

You put things off until tomorrow,

And then tomorrow comes..

You cry and pity in wallow..

What is done, is done

/Move on/

You can't bring back, something of yesterday...

There's nothing else to say..


"It wasn't supposed to be like this!"

It never should be like that, should it?

Time can never last,

...As sand falls from the Hourglass