Four Half-Idiot Maroons On Uh Island

Hello people! I am the wonderful B.E.N.! Who's a girl...yeah. Anyway! I decided that my life was pretty funny SO I gathered together my buds and told them I was writing a story...


"Your what?"

"I'm writing a story about us!"

"HUh? Who?"

"Us, us buddies! Heh..."

"Since when am I your buddy?"

"Yeah, who said we were friends?"

"Do I know you?"


"Oh...COME ON! You know you guys love me!!!"





"Heh heh...right? Guys? *they walk away* GUYS!!! WAIT!!!!"

::end flashback::

Yeah, they were thrilled! Anywho, I guess I should introduce them first afore I get a started!

Cory: Is a boy, that is cool, who likes to draw and he is cool...sure.

Alexis: Is a girl, who is kinda bossy, and mean to Kyle, and she is smart.

Kyle: An eminem wannabe who likes to make snyde comments and is ALWAYS looking forward to when we learn about the feamle anatomy....uhuh. He's cool to.

Chapter 1: Table 3

My pencil scratched over my paper. I carefully drew each eye with uttermost delicacy. tTen the eyebrows and then finally a small shaded triangle for the nose, a line for the mouth and a smaller line below that for the low lip.

"Who you drawin?" A voice asked. I didn't have to look up to see it was Cory speaking to me. I grinned slightly.

"You. I'll finish drawin ya and then Kyle and then Alexis."

"What about yourself?" He asked. I shrugged.

"I might add myself in." I said. I looked over at the frog he was drawing. It was amazing. Suddenly...

SSSSWWWWWAPP!!!! A rubber band hit me in the face. I looked up.

"Okay, who did that?" I demanded. I looked at Kyle. He put on an innocent face.

"Why be you lookin at me? It was him!" He laughed and pointed at a boy named Cameron. I took the rubber band and shot it back at him. It hit his shoulder.

"Hah hah hah..." Cory laughed. I smirked.

"I'm gonna to aim one at the teacher." Kyle said. Cory grinned.

"Yeah, it's like 'today class we will be learning about-WAP! Agh! godammit!" He said. I laughed.

"God, you always say that." I pointed out. He just snickered. The boys continued shooting rubber bands, rulers, paper balls and many other objects at each other. Mrs. Erickson walked to the middle of the room.

"You guys!!!" She scolded. Cory, Kyle and I, grinned at each other. It was, an inside joke.

"Kyle, pick up this paper that's all over the floor." Mrs. Erickson ordered. Kyle put on his innocent face again.

"But I didn't throw those ones." He argued. I rolled my eyes.

"I saw you throwing them at Ryan." She said. Kyle huffed.

"It was those guys over there." He said, trying to keep a straight face. Mrs. Erickson narrowed her eyes at him.

"I didn't even do it..." He muttered an picked them up anyway. After he threw them away he came back to the table and adjusted his hat.

"You look like Eminem." I said.

"Huh? Why are you so obsessed with him?" Kyle asked. I grinned.

"He's my baby." I said jokingly. Kyle just smiled disbelievingly and chugged down his "water". The he leaned over to Alexis.

"Alexia, you my friend?" He asked. She raised an eyebrow and continued studying her French, not answering him.

"Hey, you my friend?" He repeated to her.

"Not if you call me that." She said. Kyle got a fake hurt look on his face.

"But ARE you? Are you my friend?" He inquired. Alexis sighed.


"Why not?"

No answer.

Kyle leaned away from her.

"Fine, I didn't want to be your friend anyway." He said, then looked at me. "Are you my friend?"

I shrugged.

"I dunno. You want me ta be?" I asked hesitantly, not wanting a dis to come my way.

"Yeah." He said, and took a sip of his 'water'. I smirked.

"Okay then."

Yeah, that's a NORMAL morning at table 3. As you can see, we all have very different personalities. Alexis is the "no nonsense" kind of person. She really doesn't like to be treated badly. Hey I don't blame her, no one does. But she can really get a message through. Cory, well, he's great, he likes to draw, just like I do, and he's good at it too. He also likes to repeat himself from day to day. It's hilarious. And, he has EVERYTHING. I mean come on, that guy has about every video game on the whole damn planet. And Kyle...well, Kyle's very...unique. He has a good sense of humor, but the things he comes up with to say! Hah! He's pretty cool.

Chapter 2: Art

I sat at my table drawing again. No it wasn't the assignment. I just like to draw whatever I want, when I want and how I want. I don't like Art class, because they won't let me draw Anime. I can be stubborn sometimes.

"What's with you and Ferrets?" Emma asked. I shrugged.

"It's my character. I have to get good at it you know." I said, slightly offended.

"Oh, okay. Don't get mad." She said. I sighed.

"Oh, I'm not, I just..." I trailed off.

"Uheh heh heh heh heh." A voice cried. Well actually it was laughing but it REALLY sounded like crying. I didn't even have to turn around. It was Evan. His laugh is priceless, I swear. The first time I heard it I actually thought that maybe he had gotten hit or something and that he was crying in pain.

I tried to ignore it.

I looked over at Jake. He was busy flirting with some blonde. Well, I guess I couldn't talk to him. Oh well.

I looked over at Todd and Alyssa. They were busy chatting. I didn't know what about. Oh well. It didn't matter to me if no one wanted to talk. I didn't really want to either. I was busy gathering up my energy for Volleyball, next period.

Then the teacher put us into groups. I was in group three. After a minute of tidying up my spot, I walked over to where I was supposed to go. Immediately I noticed that Kyle was in mine.

"Hey, it be my friend." I said as cheerfully as possible. I sat down, and then waited for Ms. Morgan to hand out the assignment. I was the secretary. Kyle was the group leader. Leader...yeah. We had to look at a painting and decide what symbols it held and what they meant. I couldn't believe how complicated it was. After we did all that we presented. Soon, art was over. I told you I didn't like this class. First of all, it was over to quick, and second it's just about as interesting as a puddle.

I walked out of the class as soon as our wacko bell rang. I was on my way to my most feared class. PE.

I sensed someone walking beside me. It was Kyle. I looked at him.

"Hey do I have white stuff on my face?" He asked. He is always concerned about if he has anything on his face. Well, what would you expect from a guy who brings five million pounds of candy to school? I shook my head.

"Neh. " I said.

"Good." He said. He walked beside me a little bit more and then I saw Brandi and he saw Jake, and we went our separate ways.

Jake, one thing you should know about Jake...well, actually its a long story but he needs serious Anger Management.

Well, as I said, Art's pretty dang boring. Uh-huh...

Chapter3: PE

I walked up to Brandi.

"Hey absent one." I said as I went up to her.

"It's not my fault I was absent, I was sick." She said. I smirked.

A little bit about Brandi, so you have a good pic in your head. First, she wears all black. Yeah, she's gothic. Second she likes to laugh. Third...she could kill me if she wanted to.

Me, well, I like wearing black too. But I'm not all gothic, I don't want to die or anything. And I DON'T worship Satan. Good tip: black makes you look slimmer.

"Patrick missed you." I said. She looked at me bizarrely.

" he didn't. Patrick don't miss nobody." She said. I shrugged.

"He gotta girlfriend now." I said. "Yeah, he gave it to 'er last night."

"Okay, I don't wanna hear anymore." She said. I laughed.

"That's good, 'cause I can't tell anymore."

Disturbed silence.

"Like my tie?" She asked.

"It's tight." I said.

"So...what's happened so far?" She wondered. I shrugged.

"Same old, same old. Jake's been a royal pain in the ass, and we're still playing volleyball." I said dryly. She snorted and rolled her eyes.

"We should play a good sport." She said.



"Hockey? How we gonna play hockey in a gym?" I asked. She smiled exasperatedly.

"Probably by hitting a puck with a stick...ya know?" She asked, making a joke of it. I smirked, embarrassed.

"Heh, heh. I knew that."

"Sure ya did."

We went through the double doors into the hallway and a quick left straight into the girls locker room. Which was pink. Yeah, pink. I walked over to my basket and grabbed my pyjama bottoms. They were blue and had little moons and stars and clouds on them.

"Tell me your not wearing those to PE." She said. I turned around.

"What's wrong with 'em?" I demanded. She raised an eyebrow.

"Well, they're pyjama's." She pointed out.


"...Never mind." She said, shaking her head and walked into one of the stalls to change. I quickly suited up and went out into the gym to have SSR. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that. Instead of playing sports first, we READ in our PE class. Retarded? You better believe it.

I sat down comfortably, leaning against the wall and scrunching up my knees to my chest. I was reading a sci-fi book called "Ender's Game". It was pretty good so far. No, it was really good.

Anyway, I'm not going to go into detail about the book, because chances are, you don't give a damn so I'll get to the part where we played Volleyball.

Now, it's not that I'm on a BAD team, it's just none of us know how to hit the ball. So that really makes it difficult to score points. Or win a game for that matter.

So we got in our formation, I in the front because I can't hit the ball worth a crap and my wrists have absolutely no muscle in them.

And the ball was served by the other team.


It landed in our court. So we threw the ball back. This time, Angelia tried to hit it.

"WooooooSLAP!!! THUNK." Okay I am on a bad team, but hey, I never have really been a volleyball kinda girl. And neither have the rest of my team mates. Except maybe Mark. But he tries too hard. Oh well. Anyway, it went on like that for the next 45 minutes or so. The other teams were just about ready to put us out of our misery by the time the bell rang, and I wasn't feeling to hot.

Piece of advice: When Darrell hits a volleyball towards you at about 5,000,000,000 mph, make sure to move.

Next class was Science. Stupid. I hate this class, I can't concentrate, and people are wandering around the room like this is some sort of mental institution. YOU try to get an A in that class while people are trying to slide across the tables on their stomachs.

I walked in the classroom to find utter ciaos as usual, and went over to my seat to sit next to Josh. Let me tell you a lil bit about this guy. First, he gets offended WAAHAHAAY to easily, second if I say something or I'm joking, he gets this "shocked" look on his face like he has virgin ears. I mean, come on. This is a PUBLIC school, neh? Oh yeah, and third...well I can't say the third one because chances are, he'll be reading this, but Amanda knows what I'm taking about.

"Aye, Josh." I mumbled when I sat down. No answer. It didn't surprise me, he's so ENGROSSED in his conversation with Amanda I may as well have told him to f---- off and he wouldn't have noticed. Yeah so the class went on, Josh got that "look" on his face about fifty times and our teacher was trying to teach us something about glaciers...I think. Oh yeah, Kyle's in THIS class too. He's the only person I now that's in more than have of my classes, including lunch.

Finally the bell rang. I picked up my stuff and walked out the door. It's too bad all my good friends have second lunch, but I do sit with another group at third.

AS for the rest of my bogus classes, they stupid so I ain't goin into em. Besides, none of my friends are in there. Anyway, yeah this story DOES have a plot. It's about...well, read the damn title dumbass.