Note from Shadow: This is supposed to be funny. The main idea is: What would happen if you threw my editor and me into one of my stories? You would be scared if you knew us. If you knew us you wouldn't read this, but you don't so prepare for the insanity.


"Are you out of your mind, Rae?" Courtney asked exasperatedly.

            "It's Shadow."

            "Okay then, Shadow. Are you out of your mind?"

            Shadow/Rae stared at her in complete silence.

            "Okay, stupid question," Courtney muttered.

            "Yes, my thoughts exactly, but I know this will work."


            "The voice tells me."

            "Which voice would this be?"

            "She hasn't defined herself yet. Maybe she will later. All I know is that she's not me, Rae or Rachel."

            "Your personalities are getting confusing."

            "Try living with them in your head."

            "No thanks. It's bad enough living with your stories in my head."

            "Hey! Jacaranda is the one causing trouble in your head not my stories! Besides, you like editing my stuff!"

            "Yeah, when I'm not banging my head against walls because of it."

            "So I've got issues!"

            "Yeah, but this is almost beyond even you!"

            "Almost is the key word there, Courtney."

            "You're not going to leave me alone until I agree, are you?"

            "I wasn't planning on it."

            "Fine, we'll try it. What do you need me to get?"

            "I need you to get some fur from a white bunny and a black cat, a pint of chicken blood, a cow's brain, and some cheese."

            "I'm scared to even ask what we'll be doing with that cheese."

            "The cheese is the part that scares you?"

            "Yeah. The rest I kind of expected."

            "The cheese is for the albino rat we're sacrificing."

            "…I wish I hadn't asked."

            "I know. I'll take care of everything else."

            "That worries me."

            "It should," Shadow replied grinning evilly as she went to her first period class.