Shadow waited for someone to pick up the phone.

            "Pizza Hut! How may I help you?"

            "Yes, I'd like a soy burger and some fat free fries."

            "This is pizza hut not the rabbit shack."

            "Okay then…what about hotdogs?"

            "We sell pizzas here."

            "I DON'T CARE!! I WANT A HOTDOG."

            "Hey Rae."

            "Hey Courtney."

            "What do you want, Rae?"

            "It's Shadow. Do you have the stuff yet?"



            "I'm having a hard time finding some cheese."

            "It's called a grocery store."

            "Well they don't have any cheese! I guess there was a cheese festival or something."

            "Tartar sauce!"


            "Never mind."

            "Okay… what about cream cheese?"

            "Hmm… works for me! I don't think Mr. Magenta will care anyway."

            "Mr. Magenta?"

            "Makes it easier to kill him if he's named after something I hate. Namely, the color-"


            "Pink," Shadow repeated shuddering.

            "Pink is evil."

            "Yes. Very evil."

            "So when are we going to do the spell?"

            "As soon as I finish writing it."


            "I have to personalize it. Do you know how hard it is to rhyme Jacaranda?"

            "A big panda!"

            "You do know these things will be our guides, right?"

            "Oh. What's yours?"


            "Meadow does not rhyme with Shadow!"

            "I'd like to see you do better!"

            "Umm… meadow is beginning to sound better. Can you think of one for Jacaranda?"


            "No! No! Definitely not!"

            "Well would you rather have a giant panda following us around?"

            "Oh and a banana would be better?"




            "Uh oh. My mom's staring at me again."

            "Wonder why?"

            "I dunno, but I gotta go."


            "Look, we'll do the spell thingy Saturday."

            "Okay, call me!"

            "Okay," Jacaranda said hanging up the phone.

            At her house Shadow was heard cackling insanely and yelling phrases such as "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too," "I dropped my pot!" and "Chickens are dancing on my grave." Everyone else shrugged.

            "She's a writer," her mother told their now very frightened guest. The guest immediately relaxed. Writers were notorious for being a bit off, or, in this case, a lot off.