A/N I got this from the Audiovent song. By the way, the first part is about how people react to your relationship. If the poem confuses you in the slightest. And again I don't think this is good. So tell me what you think.

Why me?

I ask knowing they won't answer

They don't care

They wear their masks

Simpleminded they are

Taken over by hidden demons

Away is the truth; the meaning

To why we're here

Why is there hate?

Because there is no one to love

Love is a deception of its own

Tasting so sweet and ending in poison

Traveling through the veins of someone so young

Turning everything bitter

Ending in death

20; dead with a smile on his face

Oblivious to the python strangling him

Twisting his emotions

He's scared of the truth

Of you of me

He's dead

Cause of me



They're all the same

Free flowing in the night

Watching and waiting for his love

He finds her there

With no other than him

Not one of your own

Now the death is a part of you

You feel it surge through you

There's nothing for you to do

Just go die; it'll feel best

'Go' she says 'I don't love you'

Although you see her eyes

You hurt you die

You ultimately come back

The cycle starts again

Will it ever end?

As long as there is