-Growing Pains-

My Childhood is slipping away
Hour by hour, day by day
And as I sit here watching it pass
I think of when I thought it would last

So carefree, so wild and crazy
No worries at all for little me
And here I sit on the edge of it all
Watching it slip away from me

I try and try to hold on tight
But everything is fading fast
No matter how hard that I try
My childhood will never last

The things that I did so long ago
Are quickly losing their appeal
None of it matters, anymore
None of it was ever real

I'm fast becoming an Adult
And I'm fighting all the way
Energy I should spend living
I'm using it on age delay

On the outside I am taller
On the inside I'm still small
I want to stay like this forever
But my Childhood must fall

Why Must I grow up so soon?

Why Can't I remain a child?
Why Can't I just not grow up?
Why Can't I just stay a while?
-As a child?