"We weren't put on this earth to complete some noble duty, not to the earth at least. We could've been put anywhere. To go against my earlier statement, our point in life lies within our duty to other humans and people. The point is to stop that friend who's going to kill themselves, to love one person until you feel you could explode. To hug someone and never want to ever let  go. Life is about thanking everyone around you for being alive. Dropping 50 cents into a homeless person's cup and telling them you hope they have a good day. Judge your success not on ;your ability to compute complex calculations, not on your ability to be accepted into some fancy college, but on your ability to make the people you love happy. Your ability to make a person laugh and smile, if a single person tells you that you make them happy, that they'd be lost without you, then you are successful and that's what really matters. Knowing how to love another person and having them love you back." I finished reading the rant on what life was about that I'd written in Geometry. "There's the answer to your question."

            There was a sigh on the other end of the line, and my best friend, Damien sighed. "I didn't think you'd be able to answer that one." He admitted.

            "You should know by now, I have an answer to everything." I grinned, pulling the covers  more tightly around me. This was our ritual, every night, at ten or so, we'd call each other, and talk until we were falling asleep. Not  good for our sleeping habits, but they were always such amazing conversations that it didn't matter.

            "Not everything."

            "Oh? So ask me something I can't answer." I laughed.

            "I could ask you anything about math and you'd be absolutely stumped." I could tell he was smiling. I breathed a sigh of relief, another suicide attempt avoided. In the past eight months since we'd been friends. Damien had made it very obvious that I was the only reason he was still alive today, horribly depressed, and highly suicidal, he'd have days where he was fine, and then he'd just crash. And it'd be up to me to prove that his life was worth something. Although I'd never admit it, I was running out of options. I was becoming confused as to what to do.

            "About people, ask me something about people, I can answer it."

            "I promise you I could ask you something and you wouldn't be able to answer it." He said. I smiled, his voice was so comforting, it was amazingly deep. And it seemed as if he put so much work into each word. Unlike me, who spouted words out of nowhere, and spent my time ranting and making no sense. Often saying things that I shouldn't, without meaning to.

            "Doubtful, but anyway, you're coming up here in three weeks." I announced to him.

            "That I am, and then I can go kill myself."

            "Damien…." He lived 381 miles away, we got bored once and looked it up on map quests. Me in San Francisco, California, him in Los Angeles, California, we'd met through our schools. "Besides, you know that by the time you come up, I'll have a million more reasons as to why you shouldn't."

            "Shut up, that's beyond the point."

            "No, that is the point."

            "You're evil you know that?" A half laugh escaping.

            "But you love me anyways." I smiled.

            "True." He admitted. "You're my best friend I'm supposed to love you."

            "Oh so you love me out of obligation is that it?" I asked, this was my paranoia showing through, whenever I joked about him hating me, it was my insecurity showing through, my fear of people hating me.

            "Of course not. You're the only person I trust."

            "Just making sure."

            "Oh, I got a question you can't answer." He announced happily.

            "Go ahead, and watch as the question master, answers."

            "What is love?"

            "That's simple. Love is liking someone enough to know that you'd be lost in life without them. It's needing them to stay alive, needing them to breath, to talk."

            "Ok, a better question. Why don't you believe in romantic love?"

            "What is this analyze Amy time?" I disliked love, didn't really believe in anything more than friendly. I'd been hurt, badly hurt. And since then, I didn't see it's purpose.

            "No, its stump Amy time." He answered.

            "I don't know why. I think it's because the rest of the world believes in romantic love, because they've never seen the power of platonic love, but I believe that once they've experience true platonic love, they'll never need anything else. There, you got an answer." I yawned.

            "Aw, you're tired."

            "I'm fine don't worry about it." Another yawn escaped. "On second thought, I am tired, I think I'm gonna go sleep now. Sweet dreams."

            "You too." I hit the off button on my phone, and stuck it onto the base. I pulled the covers tighter around me and was asleep within seconds.