AN- this chapter does contain some slightly graphic sexual scenes. It's tasteful in my opinion, but I just thought I'd give fair warning.

The next morning Damien slipping into bed next to me at 7:30 woke me up. We lay there, snuggling talking and kissing, nothing had ever felt more right, more perfect. Maybe I'm only 15, but I'm a damn smart 15 year old, who knows when something is worth holding onto and going for. He wrapped a strand of my hair around his fingers.

            "You're beautiful." He smiled at me.

            "You're handsome." I answered.

            "You've got to be delusional."

            "Maybe, but it doesn't change the fact that you are handsome." I kissed him. He pulled me towards him, our bodies trying to get as close as possible. I could feel his heart beating. I wanted to freeze this moment and relive it forever. When we both needed air we pulled away, I rested my forehead on his. Smiling.  At 9:30, we got up, and I took a shower, we had to be at my brother's bar mitzvah party in and hour and a half. I pulled on the dress, and a pair of light blue slip on sandals. I decided on leaving my hair down, as it looked best that way. My makeup, which I had to wear because my mother insisted on it, was done in silvers. I glanced at my reflection. Hopefully Damien would like what he saw, I liked what I saw. I got out of the bathroom, and went back to my room, Damien was still sitting there, still in pajamas.

            "You can use the shower now." I told him.

            He walked over to me. "That dress looks amazing." He ran a hand along my side.

            "Thanks, now go shower, my parent's wont be happy if we're late." He came back out twenty minutes later, looking amazing in a pair of black pants and a blue shirt. We stood in my brother's room, (he was staying in there) while he grabbed his wallet. He smiled and pulled me against him. Kissing me, we kept moving backward, ending up on my brother's bed.

            Laughing I stood up. "Watch it, we don't want to ruin my perfect appearance."

            "No we don't. Let's go." We left my house and caught a bus over to the hotel where the party was being held. My parents ran out of room for us in the cars, so we were stuck taking a bus. We arrived at the Sir Francis Drake right on time, and the photographer immediately attacked me, I did my best not to look annoyed, but I believe I failed. Damien and I then sat down towards the back of the room talking. The party was frankly boring, and the fact that my parents were constantly watching Damien and I was honestly annoying. Finally it was over at about 4 and this time Damien and I got rides home.

            We decided to go see a movie, we changed into more normal clothing, and left my house again. We walked with our arms around each other, in the early evening shadows we looked like a giant blob. As soon as we were off my block, Damien tilted my face to kiss me. I melted into his embrace. After a few minutes I pushed him away.

            "We have a movie to get to remember?" I raised an eyebrow.

            "Ok, ok fine." We resumed as our blob.

            We bought tickets to see 'Gangs in New York' and sat down in the theater. I draped a leg over his, leaning my head on his shoulder. Appreciating the fact that he was taller than me so this was possible, the theater was filling up. He turned his head, so that he could whisper in my ear: "I love you." I wasn't sure if I'd heard the words correctly.


            "I love you." He repeated, staring ahead, as if afraid I wouldn't return the emotion.

            "I love you too." I responded, squeezing his hand. I leaned my head on his shoulder as the movie began, sometimes, fairytales do come true.

            We spent three amazing days together. They were filled with so much love and affection, but Monday night rolled around and I knew he was leaving early the next morning. That night after my parents had gone to bed he snuck into my room. I stared at him taking in his muscular frame, perfect face and clear blue eyes. His mouth was curved into a slight grin, he seemed to be taking me in, in the same way I was doing to him.

            "Amy." He whispered, crushing me against him. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I leaned in to kiss him but he stopped me. "We need to talk."

            "What about?" He set me down on the floor, and we sat leaning against the wall my back against his chest.

            "I'm leaving tomorrow, and I live in LA, you live in San Francisco. Is there and us, or are we just…"

            "What do you want?" I knew what I wanted, but I wanted to make sure it was what he wanted too.

            "You, I don't care about the distance, I got into UC Berkeley, my acceptance letter just came in today, my mom called and told me. So next year, once this year is over, I'll be close by."

            "Good then it's settled. What are you going to tell Abby?"

            "The truth." He answered. "That I can't date her because I'm in love with someone else."

            "I love you."

            "Love you too." He kissed me again, his hands tugging my shirt off as I did the same to him. We wanted to feel close, skin on skin.  He was on top of me, his hands, running all over my torso, sending shivers through my body. I'd never felt this sort of explosive feeling, like I never wanted any of this to end. I felt how much he wanted me, and I wanted him just as badly. I don't think you're a slut if you love the guy, I don't believe you can be a slut if he's been your best friend for years. So when he slid my pants off my hips I didn't stop him. I reached for his belt buckle, but he caught my hand.

            "Amy, are you, sure?"

            "As long as you are." I answered, undoing the top button of his jeans.

            "You know, I'm virgin don't you?" He stammered.

            "I know. If you don't want to."

            "I do want to, more than anything. Do you have a condom?" He asked me.

            I reached over to my night table, opening a drawer and pulling one out. "Justine said this might come in handy someday." I laughed, and undid the top button of his jeans. Letting my hand linger.

            "Damn tease." He smiled at me.

            "You know you like it." I unzipped his fly.

            "Arg." He groaned, as I slowly pulled his pants off, and then gasped as he felt my hand wrap around him. "Oh god." He sighed. We were both ready, so I rolled the condom on, and lay back on the bed. 

            "You don't want the top?" He asked.

            I laughed. "It's your first time. Be gentle."

            "As if I'd do anything else." This wasn't like Gabe, this time, I knew he loved me back, I didn't have to convince myself of it, I just knew it. And, the love I felt for Damien, was a million times what I'd felt for Gabe, it wasn't even comparable. I gasped as he entered me, the best part about sex, isn't really the pleasure, although that's nice too, but it's how close you are to the person, in those moments they are as close to you as possible. You can read there very mind, watch as emotions flash across their faces, love, happiness, content.

            My hands were flying all over his body; I wanted to touch him in every possible way. With Gabe, it hadn't been pleasurable. But here, it was amazing. We both came at the same time. He collapsed on top of me, squeezing me as close as possible, both of us barley breathing. After few minutes, he rolled over, throwing the condom into the trashcan, and then coming back to pull me close against him.

            "That was amazing." He said. I ran my hands over his face, trying to memorize it. I wouldn't see him again for a while.

            "Absolutely mind blowing." I admitted. "You sure you were virgin?"

            "Positive. What are you doing?" He asked as I ran my hand along his forehead.

            "Memorizing you."

            "You'll see me again, next year I'll be half an hour away, and you can come visit me over the summer and all that."

            "I love you."

            "I love you more."

            "Not possible." I answered.

            "Very possible, there is more of me, to love the lesser of you."

            "Damn you that's not fair." I glanced at the clock. It was 2:30 am. At 5:45, he was leaving.

            "Haha." I snuggled against him.

            "You're comfortable."

            "So are you."

            At 5:15, my alarm went off, we'd gone to sleep half an hour before. We got out of bed and pulled on clothing. He packed his final things and we went downstairs to wait for the transport that would take him to the airport. He held me as we sat on the stairs, and I started crying.

            "Don't cry." But his eyes were full of tears as well. The van pulled up in front of my house. He gave me one long lingering kiss, I kept my eyes closed, remembering the way he tasted. Tears streaming down my cheeks I walked upstairs and crawled back into bed. Inhaling deeply, my bed smelled like him. My sobs shook my body. It wasn't fair that I couldn't see him every day, every moment, every second. But I knew he loved me, and I loved him,  and I'd see him again, and that was what mattered.  Next year, he'd be half an hour away. I could see him every day if I wanted.

            My phone rang at 10:30 the next morning. "Purple octopus speaking."

            "What's up? I'm home." It was Damien.

            "Just woke up. I miss you."

            "I miss you too. I talked to Abby."

            "How did that go?" I asked.

            "She called me a fucking bastard, but I don't regret anything that happened.

            "Good, I don't either."

            "Hey Amy?"


            "I love you."

            "I love you too." I answered smiling. All goes well in life, liberty and the pursuit of purple octopi.


AN- Ok…. So that's done. Aww, that's sad, cause I like this one. Now the reason behind writing this story, that was a true story, all the names have been changed, I'm Amy, Damien is my best friend/significant other (We dislike titles so we refuse to admit we're going out). Everything you read was true, with some things edited out. I just felt like I had to write down our story, that way, I'd always have it.

            To the people who reviewed, you are all wonderful. I am writing a sequel that is more based on Justine, I'll probably go off from the truth, because, well, reasons. If you want to know, just IM or e-mail me, which you should feel free to do anyways, I'm sick and sitting around on my ass at home with absolutely nothing to do. The sequel should be up in a week or two. SO yeah…