Can't Let Go (Change)

By Carter Tachikawa

(Well, if you don't know yet, today is my birthday! I wrote a fanfic for those who like my fanfics and for the ones who like original stuff, I wrote a song! I actually wrote this a couple of days ago so I'm not sad now^^. I'm finally posting it now, that's all. So check it out!)

It's the fifth time this week
I heard you talking at night
About me and my bad qualities
And what I'll do with my life
You sound hopeless
Every time you say my name

And now here I am
lying awake in bed
Wanna sleep but can't erase
Those painful things you've said
Cause it hurts me
When you say I should change

I can't be what you want me to be
You may like it but that just isn't me
I'm sorry to hurt you so
But there are some things I can't let go
I can't be something to please someone else
I grow uncomfortable when I'm not myself
I'm sorry I'm still the same
But I don't ever want to change

I know how badly you want
To show me off to your friends
And I know there's so much
About me you want to tell them
That I'm drifting
And I'm running away from you

You know that I'm happy
I've got all I'll need
There isn't anything else
I know that I'm complete
So let me go
And see everything I can do


Well, I may not be perfect
And I'm not always right
But I am the person I am
I've got a lot more locked inside
I know you care about me
But you want me to lose my dreams


I'm drifting, I'm running
I'm dreaming, I'm trying
I'm working, I'm hurting
I'm fleeing, I'm flying
And I'm still me
Oh, I'm still me

(Well, that was it! Again, I wrote this a while ago. I'm actually quite happy now.)

Reviews and birthday wishes welcome. No flames.

Copyright 2003: Carter Tachikawa