Vampiric Goddess

She dances in the moon glow
Spinning with grace
Singing along
To the musical pace

Her eyes are like starlight
Her lips like a Goddess
Her curves and her smile
Are not at all modest

Her hair void of color
So black that it's blue
She's pale as a rabbit
And docile as dew

The blood surges through her
It sings through her skin
She laughs like a jackel
And revels in sin

She shifts into shadow
Without second thought
Reappears near her victim
Her muscles are taught

She slashes their throat
And drinks of their life
She has her own weapons
No need for a knife

She leaves the drained bodies
Alone there to die
To the feeble screems
Laughter will reply

The moon is now full
Stained with the blood red
That she stole so recklessly
No reasons are said

Stay home on this night
For this is all true
The vampiric goddess
Is coming for you